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Bole Hills Bad Boy on Sat 28th Oct 2023

22 starters, Dark Peak Races League

Two Bad Boys on the Bole Hills Bad Boy.

Thanks to those who raced the 5th running of the Bole Hill Bad Boy on 28 October 2023. Well done to Tom Brunt who bagged the Eric Mitchell Trophy for fastest run for age and to Tim Rutter and Kirsty Bryan Jones who were fastest male and female respectively. The parking worked well except for the few of us who were blocked in by Mick Cochrane and were delayed in the pub by 7 minutes due to having to wait for him to apply his talc. Well done to those who dropped straight on the first check point despite the clag which is more than the race organiser and his two accomplices could manage! Finally thank you to Mick Cochrane for nominating the event for his defence of the Eric Mitchell Trophy. I suspect it would have been satisfying for Eric to see the handicap result in a swap between 1st and 2nd although he might have preferred a true geriatric to win the handicap. We can only speculate…

George Yates

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1 Tim Rutter Dark Peak M40 00:41:31 1st MSEN & M40. Handicap Position 2nd, Handicap Time 0:38:40
2 Tom Brunt Dark Peak M50 00:43:00 1st M50. H/C pos 1st, H/C time 0:37:10
3 John Boyle Dark Peak M50 00:46:00 H/C pos 3rd=, H/C time 0:40:50
4 Felix Watts 00:49:54 H/C pos 8th, H/C time 0:47:14
5 Dave Sykes Dark Peak M50 00:50:10 H/C pos 6th, H/C time 0:44:20
6 David Hakes Dark Peak MSEN 00:50:56 H/C pos 11th, H/C time 0:50:56
7 Andy Barnett Dark Peak M60 00:53:35 1st M60. H/C pos 5th, H/C time 0:40:55
8 Mike Nolan Dark Peak M55 00:53:44 H/C pos 9th, H/C time 0:47:54
9 Ed ? 00:59:31 H/C pos 14th, H/C time 0:56:51
10 Richard Baxter Dark Peak M55 00:59:57 H/C pos 12th, H/C time 0:54:07
11 Steve Yoeman 01:01:19 H/C pos 16th, H/C time 1:01:19
12 Kirsty Bryan-Jones Dark Peak W50 01:02:10 1st woman, W40 & W50. H/C pos 7th, H/C time 0:47:10
12 Paul Meiring Dark Peak M50 01:02:20 H/C pos 13th, H/C time 0:46:30
14 Jane Crowson Dark Peak W60 01:02:30 1st W60. H/C pos 3rd=, H/C time 0:40:50
15 Martyn Jones Dark Peak M50 01:06:10 H/C pos 15th, H/C time 1:00:20
16 Mick Cochrane Dark Peak M75 01:08:54 1st M70. H/C pos 10th, H/C time 0:48:19
17 Willy Kitchen Dark Peak M55 01:15:00 H/C pos 19th, H/C time 1:09:10
18 Tom Westgate Dark Peak M60 01:18:00 H/C pos 18th, H/C time 1:05:20
19 Michael Arundale Dark Peak M70 01:22:45 H/C pos 17th, H/C time 1:02:20
20 George Yates Dark Peak M50 01:23:43 H/C pos 21st, H/C time 1:16:23