Privacy statement

Dark Peak fell runners collects personal data specifically for the purposes of:

  • Administration of the club; and
  • Production of results; and
  • Management of safety, of those on the hill, or being coached/lead. This includes Covid-19 provisions.

Annual membership data is collected for the administration of the club and the management of results. Where an athlete requests, basic identification data will be sent to England Athletic, to register for national and international competition.EA will provide the athlete with facilities to maintain and update their personal data. Dark Peak does not manage people’s EA data on an on-going basis.

Membership information collected for minors is only done so with the consent of a suitably authorised carer.Update, or change to that information will only be undertaken at the request of a suitably authorised carer.

Dark Peak members have the option not to have their race results published on the club website.

Dark Peak retains race results in perpetuity.

Dark Peak membership data and results are hosted on servers located in the USA.

Dark Peak, from time to time, provides personal data to printers for the purposes of newsletter production and mailed distribution.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Dark Peak are obliged by legislation and English Athletic guidance to collect participant data for all applicable runs. This data shall be retained for 28 days. Upon request pertinent data will be shared with The UK Government’s defined Track and Track Services – in line with legal obligations.

In addition to personal data gathered from membership forms, Dark Peak holds coaching related data. These data include coaching license data, Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) (or similar) records and records relating to coached events and any review activities. 

In the event of an incident, or disciplinary activity; including in relation to matters of welfare and safe-guarding, Dark Peak will maintain necessary records of personal information pursuant to the matter. Dark Peak reserves the right to share these records with law enforcement agencies and national governing bodies as necessary. 

As an affiliate of the Fell Running Association (FRA) and UK Athletic (UKA) (The Governing Bodies), Dark Peak are obliged to support administrative activities of The Governing Bodies relating to individual athletes. Dark Peak will engage in processes required by The Governing Bodies, as described in The Governing Bodies agreed, published, process documentation. In accordance with these processes, Dark Peak will exchange necessary personal data with the governing bodies upon request. Where requested to do so by The Governing Bodies, Dark Peak will confirm the status of a signed up member and provide date of birth, if requested for pertinent reasons. 

In the event of an incident on the hill, where concern exists for the health and safety of an individual, personal information may be used and shared, with any necessary individual or agency at the discretion of those members in attendance, or contacted in support of the incident.

Dark Peak does not share member, or other personal data with any commercial entity, or other entity not described above.

Any question, or request related to the management, or update of personal information may be made to email


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