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DP Weekend 23/24 June 2023 RH Report

2 out of 3 – Matt Spoor. Roland Allat

Other completions in 2023

Stuart Reid, Chris Andrade

DP Weekend 24/25 June 2022 RH Report Andy Holt Report Alexander Welbourne Report

2 out of 2 – Andrew Holt. Alex Welbourne

Other completions in 2022

Tom Moss, Tom Milton, Lisa Watson, James Lowe

Covid Completions 2021

James Halse, Jack Foxall, Mike Griffiths, Adam Taylor, Fiona Fullwood, Jack Swindells and Hal Roberts, Rhys Findlay-Robinson

Covid Completions in 2020

Josh Williams, Neil Northrop, Sam Dixon, Rich Baldwin, Sam Birch-Machin

DP Weekend 21/22 June 2019 RH Report LC Report

2 out of 4 – Helen Davis (Steel City Striders), Loxley Crawshaw

Other completions in 2019 Lova Chechik, Ben Kelsey, Tim Rutter, Tom Saville(2nd round), Oli Johnson, Dan Cade

DP weekend 22/23 June 2018 RH Report Yvonne Report

5 out of 5 – Dan Stowers, David Hakes, Kirk Hardwick, Fiona Lynch (Radcliffe AC), Yvonne Beckwith

Other completions in 2018 Adam Hayden, Max Wainwright

DP Weekend 16/17June 2017 RH Report

6 out of 7 – Will Boothman, Adrian Davis, Nicola Parkin, Kris Groom, Paul Walwyn, Chris Charlesworth (Penistone)

Other completions in 2017 – Richard Hunt (May; anti-clockwise), Dave Taylor, Sally Fawcett

DP Weekend, 17/18 June 2016 RH Report

5 out of 7 – Charlie Elliot, Sarah Jones-Morris (Penistone), William Marks (Northern Ireland), Simon Mills and Mikk Murray

Other completions in 2016 – Nicky Spinks’ Double BG (First woman, only second person, and now fastest person to complete back to back rounds in under 48hours – 45:30 in fact; 14&15 May), Judith Jepson (July), Laurence Piercy (July; repeat completion)

DP Weekend, 19/20 June 2015 RH Report

8 out of 9 – Lewis Ashton, Mike Bourne, Richard Bradbury, Sarah Broadhurst, Penny Collier, Pete Fraser Smith, James Pierce (Penistone) and Hannah Saville

Other completions in 2015 – Nicky Spinks (lowering her existing Outright Women’s record to 18hrs 6mins, April), Glen Borrell (August)

DP Weekend, 20/21 June 2014  RH Report

4 out of 9 – Shaun Hogton (Barnsley), Dave Lund, David McGuinness and George Yates

Other completions in 2014 – Lucy Wiegand (May), Dennise Mathers (Northern Ireland) (May), Ralph Skrimshire (May)

DP Weekend, 21/22 June 2013 (RH Report)

5 out of 8 – Bernie Burke, Martha Hart, Dale Mathers (Northern Ireland), Laurence Piercy and Tim Rippon

Other completions in 2013 – Ian Loombe (June), Jon Pemberton (June), Greg Crowley (June), Claire Prosser (July)

DP Weekend, 22/23 June 2012 – cancelled due to foul weather

Other completions in 2012 – Alice Robson (May), Keith Holmes (June), Mike Nolan (July), Will Spain (July), Nicky Spinks (Outright Women’s record, 18hrs 12mins, July)

DP Weekend, June 2011 (RH Report)

5 out of 8 – Carl Betts, Paul Fauset, Jim Paxman, Tim Ray and Tom Saville

Other completions in 2011 – Jon Morgan (Jan)

DP Weekend, June 2010  (RH report)

7 out of 7 – Dave Bollington, Kirsty Bryan-Jones, Willy Kitchen, Brent Lindsay (Penistone), Steve Martin, Tim Martin, Paul Payne (Stockport)

Other completions in 2010 – Simon Patton (May), Mark Pearce (May), Dave Sykes and Ben Robson (July)

DP Weekend, June 2009 (RH Report)

8 out of 11 – Simon Bacsich, Karen Davison, Helen Elmore (Totley), Becky Harper (Totley), Steve Jones (BT), Ashley Kay, Simon Rippon (Penistone), Mick Stenton

Other completions in 2009 – Julie Gardner (June), Phil Winskill (June), Dave Harrison (July)

DP Weekend, June 2008 (SM Report) (RH Report)

7 out of 11 – Ian Fitzpatrick, Jim Gayler [Young Jim], Andy Gibson (Fat Boys), Roy Gibson, Mark Harvey, Steve Matthews, Jim Patterson [Old Jim] (Ireland)

Other completions in 2008 – Ian Winterburn (August)

DP Weekend, June 2007 (RH Report)

3 out of 7 – Russ Beresford, Ian Charlesworth (Penistone), John Rowe (Penistone), Toby Hart

DP Weekend, June 2006 (RH Report)

3 out of 4 – Nick Cable (Penistone), Neil Drake, Phil Walters

Other completions in 2006 – Simon Bourne (DP Men’s Record Time?, 17hrs 20mins, June) 

DP Weekend, June 2005 (RH Report)

4 out of 8 – Richard Hopkinson, Matt Hulley, Iestyn Lewis, Nicky Spinks (Penistone)

Other completions in 2005 – Ben Robson, Andy Plummer (Penistone)

DP Weekend, June 2004 (RH Report)

5 out of 8 – John Boyle, Andy Middleditch, Alex Morgan (HACC), James Varley, Duncan Woods (North Yorks Moors AC)

Other completions in 2004 – Nick Wallis

DP Weekend, June 2003

4 out of 6 – Martyn Goodwin (Penistone), Tim Hawley, Jo Smith, Al Ward

Other completions in 2003 – Alison Shepherd (August; see DP News Winter ’03, pp.13-15)

DP Weekend, June 2002

1 out of 3 – Mike Robinson

2001 – Foot and Mouth year

No BG rounds

DP Weekend, June 2000 (DP News, Autumn ’00, p.4)

3 out of 5 – Dave Griffin (Penistone), Chris Ledger, Tony Simpson

DP Weekend, June 1999 (DP News, Autumn ’99, pp.19-21)

2 out of 7 – Andy Dickenson, Kev Saville

DP Weekend, June 1998 (DP News, Autumn ’98, pp.16-17)

4 out of ? – Pete Gorvett, Andy Scaife, John Soady, Will Sullivan

Other completions in 1998 – Phil Elliot

DP Weekend, June 1997 (DP News, Autumn ’97, pp.14-16)

1 out of 2 – Gavin Williams

DP Weekend, June 1996 (DP News, Autumn ’96, pp.18-22)

9 out of 8 – Dave Allen, Chris Barber, Jim Fulton, Dave Green, Karen Green, Richard Hakes, Ken Jones, John Myres, Tom Westgate

DP Weekend, June 1995 (DP News, Autumn ’95, pp.21)

7 out of 7 – Jan Cave, Hugh Cotton, Rob Davidson, Colin Lago, Dave Markham, Dick Pasley, Roger Woods

DP Weekend, June 1994 (DP News Autumn ’94, p.6)

0 out of ? – whole party retreated to Wasdale on a/c round, having been “blown to a standstill” on Gable

Other completions in 1994 – Jim Lawrenson (July; see DP News Autumn ’94, p.6)

DP Weekend, June 1993 (DP News Autumn ’93, pp.9-15)

2 out of 2 – Mike Hayes (2nd completion), Hugh Mathieson (but Hugh, for whatever reason, doesn’t appear on the BG club master list; can anyone throw light on this?)

DP Weekend, June 1992 (DP News Autumn ’92, pp.14-16)

2 out of 4 – Andy Sheehan, Roy Small

Other completions in 1992 – Jon Fyne

DP Weekend, June 1991 (DP News, Autumn ’91, pp.11-13)

2 out of 4 – Dave Lockwood, Matthew Simms

Other completions in 1991 – Hilary Bloor, someone called Paul (?; see DPN Autumn ’91 p.13), Nick Kirk (although a then youthful Nick was not a member of DP at the time)


Mike Browell, Colin Henson, Bob Marsden, Paul Sanderson

1989 (DP News, Autumn ’89, pp.15-17)

2 out of 7 – John Firth, Barry Needle

1988 (DP News, Autumn ’89, pp. 13-14, after a fashion)

Reg Amor, Geraldine Goldsmith, Dave Holmes, Bill Kenyon, Kevin Lilley, Terry Sayles, Kay Wittle

DP Weekend, June 1987 (see DP News, Sept ’87, p.10; Dec ’87, pp.11-12)

6 out of 7/8 – John Armistead, Neil Goldsmith, Dave Mosely, Howard Swindells, Keith Tonkin (plus Roger Baumeister, not for the first, second or indeed third time)

Other completions in 1987 – Helene Diamantides,

DP Weekend, June 1986

6 out of ? – Peter Collingwood, Tim Daniel, Nick Forwood, Chris Jones, Henry Marston (Rotherham Harriers AC?), Alan Wright

DP Weekend, June 1985 (see DP News, Aug ’85, pp.8-9)

3 out of 4 – Roger Moakes, Dave Ramsden (Clayton-le-Moors), Alison Wright

Other completions in 1985 – Andrew Forsyth, Colin Hughes, Andrew Bell


Angela Carson, Ben Hodges


John Abbot, Jeff Harrison, Roger Hulley, Clive Wilson


Ian Roberts, Rick Ansell, Mac Battersby


Barry Thackery, Graham Hulley, Alan Ireland, David Livesey, Will McLewin, David Sant


Robert Sanby, Pete Nolan, Adrian Pickles, Malcolm Sandals, Alan Yates, Selwyn Wright, Peter Hayes


Neil Piper, Roger Baumeister (first person to complete a double BG in under 48hrs – back to back rounds in 46:36) 


Peter Simpson, John Blair-Fish, Brian Harney, Mike Hayes, Martin Hudson, Peter Lewis, Martin Stone


Roger Baumeister, Geoff Bell, Andy Collinson, Eric Mitchell, Chris Worsell, Roy Marlow, Chris Brad, Chris Dodd, Frank Thomas


Andy Lewsley