Once you’ve done the Bob Graham, there is plenty more to go at. There is also plenty of experience in the club.

Here is a partial list of club members (current, past and in some cases future!) who have completed some of those things.

Paddy Buckley

Sub 24hrs is not mandatory

Official list of completions: https://41b22499-3e52-4ee4-93cb-4604ae4880ef.filesusr.com/ugd/4cb46f_5fed0d0fdb114df3bcaed65225b6fc88.pdf

NumberNameTimeDateStart placeStart time
4Martin Stone23-2629/06/1985Play y Brenin0930
11Pete Simpson22-5107/05/1988Llanberis0305
15Helene Diamantides20-0801/06/1989Capel Curig0030
19Martin Stone (Winter solo)23-4028/12/1989Capel Curig1830+
26Paul Sanderson23-3623/07/1994Plas y Brenin0100
42Chris Ledger23-4519/07/2002Nantmor1830
45Bob Berzins23-3711/07/2003Aberglaslyn1855
46Gavin Williams23-4711/07/2003Aberglaslyn1855
47Tom Westgate23-3604/06/2004Aberglaslyn1845
48Kevin Saville23-5916/07/2004Aberglaslyn
56Nicky Spinks (39y)25-4518/05/2006Aberglaslyn1820
58Nicky Spinks (40y)23-5519/05/2007Aberglaslyn1820
73Ian Fitzpatrick22-1529/05/2009Bwlch Gwernog1800
102Willy Kitchen23-3902/06/2012Llanberis0215
110Nicky Spinks19-02*20/05/2013Capel Curig0300
116Tim Rippon23-1303/05/2014Capel Curig1100
117Glen Borrell23-1713/06/2014Capel Curig0200
118Laurence Piercy23-1713/06/2014Capel Curig0200
119Dave Taylor23-0513/06/2014Capel Curig1100
130Ian Loombe23-5016/05/2015Capel Curig1100
133Tom Brunt23-1120/06/2015Llanberis
138Tom Pape23-4003/06/2016Bwlch Gwernog1730
141Kirsty Hewitson23-2411/06/2016Capel Curig1000
171Charlie Elliot23-4527/07/2018Capel Curig1100
175Nicky Spinks (double)57-2517/05/2019Capel Curig1030
184Helen Elmore23-3413/07/2019Capel Curig1100
185Tom Saville23-3413/07/2019Capel Curig1100
Oli Johnson13/09/2019
Bob Johnson (largely solo)5-6/06/2021

*new women’s record

Charley Ramsay

Official list of completions: https://www.ramsaysround.co.uk/sub-24-hour-completions

0415/07/89Helene Diamantides20:24
0727/05/90Bob Berzins21:55
3221/05/05Gavin Williams23:28
3321/05/05Tom Westgate23:46
3525/06/05Nick Wallis23:40
4016/07/05Kevin Saville23:44
4103/06/06Steve Pyke22:15
4517/05/08Nicky Spinks22:32
762013Nicky Spinks19:39
8305/07/2015Glen Borrell23:31
8405/07/2015Laurence Piercy23:31
8626/07/2015Dave Taylor23:18
10820/06/17Tom Pape22:34
16106/08/19Tom Saville22:10
16206/08/19Oli Johnson22:10
16306/08/19Lova Chechik22:10

Big 3 completions

Official list of completions: https://www.gofar.org.uk/uk-big-3-completions

Helene Diamantides15/07/89
11Bob Berzins11/07/03
12Gavin Williams21/05/05
13Tom Westgate21/05/05
15Kevin Saville16/07/05
18Nicky Spinks17/05/08
42Laurence Piercy26/07/15
43Glen Borrell18/08/15
50Dave Taylor22/07/17
52Tom Pape23/07/17
59Tom Saville (age 24)06/08/19
60Oli Johnson13/09/19


Completions https://41b22499-3e52-4ee4-93cb-4604ae4880ef.filesusr.com/ugd/4cb46f_da4f4be6bb2c4c298e1271a5de9527d2.pdf

Bob Berzins June 1st 1999. 23:19. Solo, Unsupported. 2nd completion.

Majka Kunica and Laurence Piercy September 2020. 28 hours

Oli Johnson 19th June 2021 – 17:13:09 a new record. something like 2 hours under the previous record.

Dennis Rankin Round

No Dark Peak completions identified… yet.

Joss Naylor

Colin Henson003Dark Peak Fell RunnersM6022-05-1993
Geoff Bell022Dark Peak FR + The Rucksack ClubM6026-06-1998
Dave Lockwood032Dark Peak Fell RunnersM5022-07-2000
Ken Jones035Dark Peak Fell RunnersM5011-05-2002
Alan Yates036Dark Peak Fell RunnersM5011-05-2002
Roger Baumeister038Dark Peak FR + The Rucksack ClubM6010-05-2003
Dick Pasley041Dark Peak FR + The Rucksack ClubM6015-05-2004
Colin Lago048Dark Peak Fell RunnersM6014-05-2005
Alan Yates036-M60Dark Peak Fell RunnersM6014-05-2005
David Moseley050Dark Peak Fell RunnersM5506-06-2005
Jeff Harrison054Dark Peak Fell RunnersM6508-08-2005
Dave Lockwood032-M55Dark Peak Fell RunnersM5506-05-2006
Robert Marsden057Dark Peak Fell RunnersM5506-05-2006
Hilary Bloor060Dark Peak Fell RunnersW5010-06-2006
David Holmes070Dark Peak Fell RunnersM5030-09-2006
Mark Harvey084Dark Peak FR + Fell & Rock CCM5030-08-2008
Dave Lockwood032-M60Dark Peak Fell RunnersM6011-07-2009
Julie Gardner099Dark Peak Fell RunnersW5015-05-2010
Keith Holmes134Dark Peak Fell RunnersM5526-05-2012
Dave Lockwood032-M65Dark Peak Fell RunnersM6520-06-2012
Alan Yates036-M65Dark Peak Fell RunnersM6520-06-2012
Kev Saville170Dark Peak Fell RunnersM5013-09-2014
Stephen (Spyke) Pyke191Dark Peak Fell RunnersM5011-10-2015
Nicky Spinks207Dark Peak Fell RunnersW5022-04-2017
Simon Rippon209Dark Peak Fell RunnersM5008-07-2017
Dave Harrison221Dark Peak Fell RunnersM5505-05-2018
Jon Morgan256Dark Peak Fell RunnersM5028-09-2019

Cumbrian Traverse

010Alison ShepherdS – N22-Jul-2006
011Dave LockwoodS – N22-Jul-2006
012Dick PasleyS – N22-Jul-2006
013Alan YatesS – N22-Jul-2006
017Jeff HarrisonS – N24-Aug-2006
018Colin LagoS – N24-Aug-2006
021Colin HensonS – N6-Jun-2008
022Colin WhiteS – N6-Jun-2008
023Roger BaumeisterS – N6-Jun-2008
048Simon Rippon*S – N30-Aug-2010
050Mike Robinson (multiple)S – N2-Jan-2011
107Tom PapeS – N25-Mar-2017
136Josh WilliamsN – S24-Aug-2019
137Laurence Piercy N – S24-Aug-2019
144Kirsty HewitsonS – N25-Jun-2020

*Before he was Dark Peak

Unofficial completions include Lewis Ashton & Willy Kitchen 28-Jul-2012

Etive Round

Majka Kunica 

Steve Parr Round (Lakes 2500)

Details of the round on www.gofar.org.uk

05Kirsty Hewitson31/08/202052:34

Tyndrum Round 

Inaugural Round Pete Davies 23:41 17/7/20 

It would be great to see some others from the club have a go at this.

Glen Lyon Corbetts Round 

Tom Pape 21:39 30/8/20 – 2nd completion and a new record.

Lyon’s Tail Munros Round

Inaugural Round Majka Kunicka & Jon Gay 13:20 11/7/20 route details are unknown.

26 Lakes, Meres and Waters – Lake District 

Kirsty Hewitson 30:08 women’s record 4,5,6 June 2021