No running, only beer and chat was my agenda for this Wednesday night. A family outing in the afternoon was the priority but, surprisingly, this did provide a training effect for winter Slow Warts’ outings. A trip to the National Coal Mining Museum doesn’t seem like fertile ground for enhancing our athletic abilities but stumbling around and disoriented in the dark, 140m down in the pit with head torches, reminded me of our winter Warting experiences. With the winter solstice fast approaching, this was a timely reminder to polish and recharge our head torches

Joining the Slow Warts at the Yorkshire Bridge Inn part way through their erudite discussions can sometimes be a shock to the mind. The post run analysis seemed to have been dealt with. It had been shorter and possibly kinder than last week’s Kinder outing and there had been a couple of groups, a shorter one which had taken longer because of difficulty through a wood with the other group touring the Alport Valley. There were some references to bracken and how it was largely avoided, so, situation normal. However, the continuing discussion related to the use of a potion (possibly Taurine [but possibly something totally different!] – John) recommended by Chris for improving recovery from strenuous athletic activity, and, as an extra benefit, improving sleep. Needless to say, other (legal?) concoctions and their benefits were suggested. All this and the Slow Warts’ regular medical bulletins of ailments suggest a need for a sub section of Slow Warts dedicated to the dispensation of current effective (?) pharma-medico advice. It is noticeable that whatever Pete is taking or doing or not, is good enough for him to become a World Champion orienteer. Congratulations, Pete!

Somehow as the evening wore on, the highly erudite conversations were reduced to a lower level (about two pints worth) as we went into Pythonesque mode about our “when I was a lad” stories, including how Andy’s Lancaster home gas lighting saw them through the local electric power cuts. There were also some misguided comments about other possible gas-powered devices. When these suggestions became fantastical and when the nostalgia for outside loos arose, it was time to leave. So, we did. At least the Slow Warts know when to quit.



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