The final results from the English Championships are available on the FRA website here.  Highlights include:


Men’s open 2nd just 2 points behind Keswick.

Men’s V40 3rd.

Men’s V50 4th 3 points behind 3rd placed Keswick.

Women’s open 1st.

Women’s V40 1st.


Men’s open – Fin Grant 4th, Edward Corden 10th.

Men’s U23 – Fin Grant 1st, Edward Corden 3rd, Cynog Williams 4th, Henry Webb

6th, Alex Mason 8th and Tom Perry 9th=.

Men’s V40 – Oli Johnson 3rd.

Men’s V45 – Will Boothman 5th.

Men’s V55 – John Hunt 1st, Joe Blackett 7th=.

Men’s V65 – Keith Holmes 9th.

Women’s open – Phillipa Williams 8th, Lisa Watson 9th.

Women’s U23 – Alice Gamble 3rd, Catrin Smith 9th.

Women’s V40 – Rachel Rose 6th, Sally Fawcett 7th.

Women’s V55 – Liz Batt 10th.

Women’s V60 – Jane Crowson 2nd.

Congratulations to all especially the women’s teams, Fin Grant and John Hunt who are all gold medallists.

Past races

Langdale – The final Lakeland Classic of 2023 is rumoured to have been a misty affair with over 50 DNF’s.  Jon Coe was first brown vest in a touch over 3 hours with Jenny Caddick picking up her customary prize, 2nd F50 on this occasion. Results.

Curbar Commotion – Results 

Castle Carr –

Upcoming races

Wednesday 11th October – Hunter Wreck Race. DPFR race and an interesting test of navigation skills. Recommended.

Saturday 21st October – British Fell Relays.

Sunday 22nd October – Windgather.

Sunday 22nd October – Peak Raid MM. Pre-entry via SiEntries.

Saturday 28th October – Bole Hill Badboy, George Yates’s DPFR race.

Sunday 5th November – Peak Raid MM. Pre-entry via SiEntries.

Sunday 12th November – Roaches, one of the better autumn races.

Sunday 12th November – Leg it Round Lathkil.

Saturday 18th November – Tour of Pendle, the year’s last AL and a highly recommended outing which, if it’s not already there, you need on your cv.

Saturday 25th November – Club champs and dinner.

Saturday 25th November – Baslow Bolt. (I’ll wager that the Club champs race will be both better and cheaper!)

Sunday 14th January – Trigger. Approximately 24 miles of Type 2 fun. Entries open on SiEntries.


Sunday 8th October, 2023

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