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The personal information collected on this form (your Membership Information) is used for the administration of Dark Peak Fell Runners (DPFR) and its membership. Your membership Information may be used for the compilation and publication of race results by DPFR.

If you have any queries about use of your Membership Information please contact privacy@dpfr.org.uk

You may also choose to be registered with England Athletics (EA). Please see next section for the circumstances in which you would require EA registration. If you tick the box on the next section to register through DPFR we will provide England Athletics with your Membership Information. EA will contact you to invite you to sign in and update your details on their MyAthletics portal. If you have any questions about the continuing privacy of your personal data when it is shared with England Athletics please contact dataprotection@englandathletics.org

Other than England Athletics, DPFR will not share your information with any other third party.

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England Athletics

Registration with EA is not essential for fell running unless you are a non-FRA member competing for the DPFR team in any championship races (in which case it would be more appropriate and better value for money to join the FRA). DPFR members who also belong to road clubs or second fell clubs should read the info below.

If DPFR is your First Claim fell club but your second club is also affiliated for fell running any EA fee required for roads or x-country must be collected by DPFR on behalf of your other club.

If your second club is not affiliated for fell running e.g. Hallamshire Harriers, they can be your “First Claim” club and collect your fee. DPFR is designated “First Claim-Other Discipline” in this case.

If Dark Peak is your Second Claim Fell club then your First Claim club will continue to pay EA registration if you require it.

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Fees: The standard DPFR membership fee is £15. This is reduced to £8 for students, unwaged and retired
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