Annual membership of Dark Peak Fell Runners costs £15. For the unwaged this is discounted to £8. Links to the forms you need are below under “Further Information”.

Other Clubs

DP affiliates to UKA for fell running only. There is no conflict if you already belong to or join another club which does not affiliate to fell running, (eg Hallamshire Harriers locally), but if your current club does affiliate for fell running (as most do) you have to jump through a few hoops with UKA/EA to change your allegiance before you can represent Dark Peak. “Second Claim” does not apply in fell running. Put simply, you can belong to as many clubs as you like but you may only represent one on the fells and this must be the one you have been a member of the longest. You could therefore rejoin your previous club for road running, training etc after you are in Dark Peak. Links to the forms required are below in Further Information. More details and advice can be obtained from the membership secretary

Club Championships

The club champions are decided in a single race on the day of the club dinner in early November. Every third year this is a triple crossing of the Kinder plateau between established checkpoints with a winning time of around 75-80 minutes. Between times it is an equivalent challenge in a different area revealed in the days before the event. The race is usually handicapped with a chasing start and as much energy can be invested in securing a good handicap as in the race itself. Only paid up members are eligible. No subs, no handicap

Further information

Access information for members

  • Open Access – the CROW Act gives us access to all areas which have been mapped as Access land. This generally means all mountain and moorland. Access land is shown on the latest OS 1:25000 maps.
  • Use stiles and gates to get onto access land. These are shown on the latest Harvey 1:25000 maps, but not OS maps at present. Try to plan clubs runs and club races using official access points. 
  • If there is no stile or gate, you are still legally entitled to enter access land as long as you don’t cause any damage to walls , fences etc. Consider carefully before doing this, we need to maintain good relations with farmers and landowners.
  • Use public footpaths to cross enclosed fields. Try to avoid planning club race routes which cross enclosed fields, runners are bound to get lost or be tempted by short cuts.
  • Dogs must be kept on a short lead during the nesting season (1st March to 31st July). Dogs must be under control at other times. Many shooting estates have a complete ban on dogs.
  • More info via the access page