Basil Moss 6:26 August 2021

Hello, I’ve had my eye on the Heart of Darkness route since joining the club, and actually went out to run it last Friday. I’m not sure who looks after the section of the website with the long distance challenges on, but wonder if they’d like to know my time as it’s slightly faster than the 6:51 by Willy Kitchen and Rich Bradbury – I got back to the car park in 6:26. The route was absolutely awesome/abominable and I was whimpering with every footfall on the last few descents. The bracken added significantly to the challenge – at one point descending to Westend on the return leg my ankle got tangled and I found myself hanging upside down like I’d been caught in a trap – was quite difficult to free myself! The bog seems to have permanently stained my ankles and I can’t wash it off, so I feel like the Dark Peak has left it’s mark on me. Do let me know if there are any faster times, I’d actually forgotten what the recorded time for it was when I set off and for some reason got it into my head that I’d be back in four or five hours, so was quite despondent when I got back thinking I’d been terribly slow! Thanks, Basil