The route changed for 2018 and will be almost the same in 2020, the checkpoints are shown below. Note that the race no longer visits Mam Tor summit because of worries over erosion (control #7), take care on the short section of road at Mam Nick. Note the extra out of bounds hatching, which must be observed.

StartGrindsbrook MeadowSK122862
1Ringing RogerSK125872
2Top of GrindsbrookSK105872
3Grindslow KnollSK109868
4Start of Brown Knoll FlagstonesSK080861
5Top of Chapel Gate (end of flagstones)SK099829
6Mam Nick road crossing **take care on the road**SK125835
7Track on N side of Mam TorSK128840
8Back TorSK145850
9Lose HillSK153853
10Townhead BridgeSK168845
11Top of Fullwood Stile LaneSK170853
12Hope BrinkSK177851
13Win HillSK186850
14Path on to Kinder Scout – stileSK158878
15Path junction (Coffin Rock)SK143880
16Ringing RogerSK125872
FinishGrindsbrook MeadowSK122862

We will be applying cutoff times at 3 controls, slightly changed for 2019 based on the data from last year:

  • Mam Nick (CP6) 2 hours 15 mins
  • Townhead Bridge (CP10) 3 hours 05 minutes
  • Path onto Kinder Scout (CP14) 4 hours 20 minutes

There are good easy walking routes back to Edale from all of these points.

Click on the image to download a pdf (21MB) of the 2020 route, taking note of the compulsory routes and out of bounds areas on the Kinder plateau and Mam Tor summit: