Round the Parish race 1

  • Date and time: Friday 31st May 2024, 12:00am
  • Event type: DPFR race
  • Start point: Gate to path on road in offerton
  • Grid ref: SK203825
  • Distance: 11.5 kilometres
  • Climb: 350 metres

NB the actual race has passed, this is now available as a time trial for anyone who wants to have a go who couldn’t make it.  Submit entries to me via whatsapp/facebook.  

RO Tim Rutter
Three races, 1 each month in may, june, july.  There may even be a trophy at the end. All three to count. Lowest total time wins.
General idea is to circumnavigate (without entering) one of the parishes in the peak district of which there are many.  I have selected three that work well as a route.
Some will start at the parish church if such a thing exists, otherwise on the boundary or maybe outside the boundary.  If at the church you must exit the parish, then run round it to the point you exited, then run back to the church.  Otherwise its just run round it without entering the parish.

Race 1: Parish of Offerton (this race)
Race 2: Parish of Frogatt 
Race 3: Parish of Derwent 

As its ground nesting bird and lambing season, no dogs allowed thanks.
You do not have to hug the boundary exactly just run around the parish without entering it until you are back at the start.
In some cases it will be permitted to run on certain routes within the parish to avoid having to run miles along an a-road, wade for miles down a river or climb an 8ft fence. These will be marked on the map for each route.
Only run on public rights of way, roads or access land – the maps will show out of bounds areas but all private land is generally OOB.
A highly sophisticated monitoring system will be in place using drones and satellites to ensure no one breaks any of the rules.

Race 1: Offerton

Refreshments after in the Anglers
11.5km 350m
Start is at the gate on road SK 203825
Three start times: 6:15, 6:30, 6:45.  Take your pick.
The path south of the river derwent is permitted.
You can enter the parish at SK202818 where the boundary follows the boundary of the access land.
Definitely not allowed on the road back down from abney (we are a fell running club afterall), except the end bit (see map)

Download map here