Walker-Lowe Round

Walker-Lowe Round

Inaugural Round Stuart Walker 23:54 2019

2nd completion Tom Pape 22:37 (new record) 10/7/20

It might be thought of as wise not to undertake this as a training run ahead of your BG. When did that ever stop anyone in this club?

James comments on the progenesis of this route: 

Dark Peak 24 Trigs. Every time I see Stuart Walker I tell him I’ve come up with this mystical new route he should run.This is my attempt at plotting a true Dark Peak 24 Trigs (in 24 hours) all on the DP OS Map. None of this dodgy white peak trespass nonsense. 

It starts at the Sportsman and as per the normal 4 (anitclockwise) then heads north to cover Scout Nab, Dead Edge End, Snailsden Pike End, Black Hill, Featherbed Moss, Alphin and Wild Bank hill. It ticks off the rest of the 15 in a slightly altered order and adding in Mam Tor before finishing via the Cowper and Ox stones. 
It seems to give what could be an interesting route with lots of potential route choice, navigation and rough ground. I’ve ommited Hey edge (and potentially others?) as it’s not marked on the map as a proper trig. 
A very (VERY) rough attempt at mapping it gives me ~130km and 4000m, I suspect it’s more like 150km and a more height but hard to say.
Is it achievable? Is it totally ridiculous? Too convoluted?
Interested to hear people’s thoughts and potentially see someone (most definitely not me) have a go.
Hopefully my attempt to map it is attached and viewable

Originator: Stuart Walker and James Lowe

Men’s record: Tom Pape, 22:37, July 2020

Women’s record:

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