Kinder Dozen

Kinder Dozen

The Kinder Dozen was initiated by Ken Jones in 1997/8 who produced a splendid A5 booklet describing the run and even some certificates. It involves 12 climbs and descents of the Kinder Plateau involving 10,000ft of ascent and totals 24 miles (the measure was made long before GPS so please do not correct). The set time limit is 12 hours but 8 hours is a more realistic challenge and more in line with a BG pace. The traditional start was from Edale village but as it is a long drive and has difficult/expensive parking, a start from Rowlee Bridge or Snake Inn is often used (note if starting here you do not traditional have to go to the Old Nags Head. Staying within access land at the bottom of Golden Clough is OK).

Originator: Ken Jones

Route Map


Men’s record: Tom Saville, 4:42:20, March 2019

Women’s record: Eleanor Johnstone, 5:45:00, February 2020

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