Kinder Killer

Dark Peak (Four) County Tops

Traditional start in Hayfield but maybe not. High Stones/Margery Hill, Black Hill, Black Chew Head and Kinder Scout each in a separate county 40 miles plus all in 24hrs.

Bar Dyke (Bradfield) 04.00
High Stones 05.24
Woodhead Road 07.21
Black Hill 09.36
Black Chew Head 10.45
Bleaklow Head 14.20
Kinder Top 17.38
Shining Tor 03.30 [ 2hrs too long due to inexcusable mistakes]
Cheeks Hill 05.06
Bar Dyke (Bradfield) 19.58
39hr 58min taking in 95 miles travelled
If anyone should rise to this challenge a new schedule of your times (without the error) would be appreciated.
This can be extended to the Six CountyTops as done by Roger Baumeister 10/06/2013 in 39:56. Roger is of the oppinion that the pure route for the Six County Tops is from the same start/finish point. In his case: from, and returning to Bar Dyke access point.


Route map missing – can anyone contribute?

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