The Derwent Dambuster/Devil

Derwent Dambuster/Devil

A days outing round Derwent Valley for connoisseurs created by Tom Westgate. Starting at The Derwent Dam wall visiting Pike Low, John Field Howden, Back Tor, Low Tor, Berristers Tor, Gravy Clough Cabin, Wet Stone, Howden Dam, Cold Side Crags, Bull Stones, Rocking Stones, Horse Stone, Barrow Stones, Grinah Stones, Black Clough, Alport Trig, Fagney Clough, Green Clough, 483 point at Rowlee, Gores Heights (top of land slipped crags) and back. Maybe only completed by four or five people so far? 

19/01/14 update, now with the inclusion of Willy Kitchen and Ruth Batty there may now be as many as seven or even eight people to have done the round.

Originator: Tom Westgate

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