15 Trigs

15 Trigs

A classic old route visiting the 15 trig points originally included on the Harvey Mountain Map – Peak District – Northern half, as used in the Karrimor International Mountain Marathon 1984. To be completed in 15 hours, starting at the Sportsman, but has also been started ‘on the other side of the Pennines’. The trigs are Rod Moor, Emlin, Back Tor, Margery Hill, Outer Edge, Alport, Shelf Moor, Cock Hill, Harry Hut, Sandy Heys, Kinder Low, Brown Knoll, Blackden, Win Hill, High Neb. Was a very competitive event at one time and certificates given for early completions. 

Originator: Andy Harmer

Route Map and History (Mountains, Mud and Moor)

Men’s record: Tom Saville, 8:52:25, April 2019

Women’s record: 

Run Reports:

Tom Saville Run Report, April 2019