It was a grey night as the main group (well 4 of us) climbed the awkward wall/barbed wire and took a straight line for the mythical stone, which with intuition, map reading and compass work took us directly to the stone deep in water and hidden until almost upon it. Quickly leaving the watershed Tom went to investigate a sunken digger and then crossed the infant Derwent to find a trod to the Warts sheepfold, while the other 3 (me, Chris and Tim) enjoyed paddling up the stream to arrive a good bit behind our path finder. 

By now the evening sun shone on Barrow stones and climbing out of the Derwent up to Shepherds meeting stones we enjoyed some glorious light, well until the clag quickly descended requiring some further map & compass work to reach Round hill and back. Descending, the sun, shrouded in fine cloud shone a deep red. Great to have Curlews at the start but except for an odd golden plover the star attraction was the Canada geese that nest in the upper Derwent.

Jim did his own tour doing a clockwise circuit to the ridge and 1894, while Moz, thinking it was a 5 pm start arrived in the pub to a great cheer having done a similar outing to Jim but added the sunken digger to his trip, arriving back as we settled down by the roaring fire, in the dark. The Beaters arms was welcoming with not a gamekeeper in sight !


Our route – thanks to Chris
Moz’s route

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