Is it a cross between a multi-headed hydra and an octopus or possibly Jonny and Tom at last year’s relays? (Drawing curtesy of Dave Lund.)


Lewis Ashton reports that the “Juniors were out at Curbar gap today. O11s had a technical skills session snaking on and off the edge, continuously climbing and dropping on narrow rocky technical trods. Everybody did really well with some outstanding displays of skill, finesse and efficiency.” (Might the Juniors be renamed the Young Warts?)

Past races

New Chew – Richard Hunt 1st, Simon Mills 2nd with Ben Hunter and Matt Pickering, running as a pair, 4th. Results 

Boz’s Birthday run – Results?

High Cup Nick – Helen Elmore 1st W50. Results 

Doctor’s Gate – Alison Wainwright 1st F50. Results 

Hoppits Hill – Results 

Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round – Keith Holmes (3rd in his new MV70 age category) and I were there, both well back in the field. Like all the Pendle races, it’s a fine outing. Results 

Cloud Nine –

Horsehill Tor –

Upcoming races

Sunday 10th March – Wolf’s Pit. EoD.

Saturday 16th March – Flower Scar, the first of the English championship races.

Saturday 23rd March – Chicken Run, Hayfield.

Saturday 23rd March – Upper Derwent Stones. DPFR race and it’s a good’un. I wonder how many folk will double up this with the Skyline.

Sunday 24th March – Edale Skyline. Please volunteer to help with this the club’s biggest open race of the year, whether you’re running or not.

Monday 1st April – Trunce and this is no joke.

Friday 5th April – Bruce’s Crown.

Saturday 6th April – Lad’s Leap, English championship race. Entries open.

Saturday 11th May – Pendle Cloughs, English championship race. Entries for the masses open on Friday.


Sunday 3rd March, 2024

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