The last Slow Warts of the summer was appropriately magnificent on a glorious autumn evening as we joined the crowds on Great Tor on Bamford Edge above Ladybower. At least ten photographers with tripods had also gathered possibly to take photos of we elite athletes or, more likely, the sunset. There was also a host of tourists taking their own photos. So, within half an hour of leaving Yorkshire Bridge our conditions for a good run (more hares than people) had been completely blown. Nevertheless, we persevered along the Edge and normality returned.

  Elite athletes on Great Tor
And another view (photo by Chris)

Whether it was the end of our summer Slow Warting or not, we did spend the first part of the run, on paths whilst climbing up to the Edge. However, in order to compensate for this Warting sin, we took a short (?) cut to the edge path via some rocky heather or some heathery rock, which satisfied the hardy Warts.

After leaving the crowds on Great Tor, we continued on, and off, the path, to the quarry where we were threatened with a descent into it but, instead, we stood at the edge staring into the abyss and waited for a group return to sanity. So, we didn’t go down but went on to search for the Stone Circle. We were fortunate to welcome back Clive after injury because he was able to lead us straight to it. His trick was to continue along the broken wall for longer than the rest of the group had, and, then turn left and, Hey Presto, it’s there. Precision route finding at its best!

In the dark with Jim on the rhs

For those with a desire for more light, some torches were switched on for a long crossing, near the broken wall, of a heathery moor before joining a long quad track towards Jarvis Clough hut. We got close to it but we had overshot the expected duration of an hour and a quarter and instead of a direct Warty moor crossing to the descent path, we succumbed to the use of the edge path. The tricky descent on rocky ground slowed us further to give us a two-hour outing before regathering in The Anglers in Bamford for deserved refreshments which helped us decide we’d had a fine last of this year’s summer outings. Many thanks to all.


Where we went thanks to Chris


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