We all know about Mike’s original mystery Tea Plant, placed at Outer Edge. Ian has forwarded the GR’s for the other Peak plants.

Featherbed, Chew – SE 0384 0281
Long Ridge, Chew- SE 0420 0270
Sykes Moor – SK 0815 9715
Near Black Clough- SK 1074 9810
Hoar Clough Head – SK 1394 9844
Barrow Stones – SK 1311 9670
Grinah Stones- SK 1317 9664
(Outer Edge – SK 1802 9703)

Now there’s some great exploring across the moors….If you find any, please send along details, http://www.peatbog.co.uk/ is the place to be looking. What an idea for a “race” on an empty weekend….Which reminds me, I’ll not be doing a New Year’s Day Race now, anyone else want to put a route out?

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