<![CDATA[Dark Peak Fell Runners]]> <![CDATA[Cader Idris on 2019-05-18]]> Cader Idris on Saturday 18th May 2019
258 starters
1M Hopkinson01:23:57(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
8Chris Armit01:36:10Dark PeakMSEN(not set)(not set)
26M Price01:46:49(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
Sun, 19 May 2019 18:39:03 +0000
<![CDATA[Lantern Pike Dash on 2019-05-19]]> Lantern Pike Dash on Sunday 19th May 2019
57 starters
1S Bailey00:10:48(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
10L Bednall00:14:05(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
51Helen Wright00:21:38Dark PeakWSEN(not set)(not set)
Sun, 19 May 2019 18:25:21 +0000
<![CDATA[Kong MMM Round 3 on 2019-05-18]]> Kong MMM Round 3 on Saturday 18th May 2019
1Oli Johnson02:14:37Dark PeakM40480 – 40 = 440 points(not set)
3Jack Foxall02:04:47Dark PeakM40390 – 5 = 385 points(not set)
8S Dixon02:16:28(not set)(not set)390 – 60 = 330 points(not set)
11Andy Barnett02:01:29Dark PeakM55300 – 2 = 298 points(not set)
13Andy Bell01:57:00Dark PeakM55290 points(not set)
15Julia Nolan02:13:09Dark PeakW50320 – 35 = 285 points(not set)
19Peter Gorvett02:05:54Dark PeakM70270 – 7 = 263 points(not set)
20Donna Claridge / Greg Rimmer02:03:57Dark Peak(not set)260 – 4 = 256 points(not set)
101Jane Crowson / Phil Crowson02:33:55Dark Peak(not set)390 – 390 = 0 points(not set)
Sun, 19 May 2019 15:32:15 +0000
<![CDATA[Mount Famine on 2019-05-18]]> Mount Famine on Saturday 18th May 2019
142 starters
1Max Wainwright00:43:02Dark PeakMU23(not set)(not set)
21E Johnson00:53:36(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
32Stephen Kenworthy00:57:31Dark PeakM50(not set)(not set)
46Alison Wainwright01:00:16Dark PeakW50(not set)(not set)
116Ken Jones01:14:54Dark PeakM70(not set)(not set)
123Pete Macfarlane01:17:10Dark PeakM60(not set)(not set)
131Richard Hopkinson01:19:40Dark PeakM70(not set)(not set)
Sun, 19 May 2019 06:52:52 +0000
<![CDATA[Hayfield May Queen on 2019-05-17]]> Hayfield May Queen on Friday 17th May 2019
122 starters
1S Soles00:20:45(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
12C Rice00:23:10(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
45Simon Allen00:28:12Dark PeakM45(not set)(not set)
Sun, 19 May 2019 06:45:40 +0000
<![CDATA[Latrigg on 2019-05-15]]> Latrigg on Wednesday 15th May 2019
123 starters
1M Lamb00:17:47(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
2Nathan Lawson00:18:07Dark PeakMU23(not set)(not set)
4Rhys Findlay-Robinson00:18:19Dark PeakMSEN(not set)(not set)
24Joseph Wade00:22:09Dark PeakMSEN(not set)(not set)
Sun, 19 May 2019 06:45:01 +0000
<![CDATA[Fairfield Horseshoe on 2019-05-18]]> Fairfield Horseshoe on Saturday 18th May 2019
232 starters
1C Bell01:20:17(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
16K Roberts01:31:54(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
42Joe Blackett01:41:25Dark PeakM55(not set)(not set)
65Dave Sykes01:47:00Dark PeakM45(not set)(not set)
121Jenny Caddick01:57:45Dark PeakW45(not set)(not set)
134Ashley Kay02:01:06Dark PeakM55(not set)(not set)
200Dave Tait02:18:54Dark PeakM70(not set)(not set)
Sun, 19 May 2019 06:30:44 +0000
<![CDATA[Tansley on 2019-05-16]]> Tansley on Thursday 16th May 2019
209 starters
1H Holmes00:35:54(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
3Peter Davies00:39:47Dark PeakMSEN(not set)(not set)
6Austin Frost00:39:58Dark PeakM45(not set)(not set)
7John Hunt00:40:01Dark PeakM50(not set)(not set)
19E Grant00:43:30(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
39Simon Conroy00:46:20Dark PeakM45(not set)(not set)
53Alison Wainwright00:48:20Dark PeakW50(not set)(not set)
112Jon Heathfield00:58:17Dark PeakM55(not set)(not set)
Fri, 17 May 2019 06:42:44 +0000
<![CDATA[Tuesday Coaching]]> No coaching sessions for the next 2 weeks due to work and holiday. Next session Tuesday 4th June.


Thu, 16 May 2019 16:51:19 +0000
<![CDATA[Cressbrook Crawl on 2019-05-11]]> Cressbrook Crawl on Saturday 11th May 2019
130 starters
1K Malton00:45:12(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
3Paul Fauset00:45:42Dark PeakM45(not set)(not set)
6Mike Nolan00:47:49Dark PeakM50(not set)(not set)
8C Gallagher00:48:09(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
20Simon Conroy00:54:51Dark PeakM45(not set)(not set)
23Tim Slack00:55:39Dark PeakMSEN(not set)(not set)
27Andy Barnett00:56:17Dark PeakM55(not set)(not set)
39Adrian Baker00:57:45Dark PeakM55(not set)(not set)
50Jane Crowson01:00:16Dark PeakW55(not set)(not set)
59Julia Nolan01:01:57Dark PeakW50(not set)(not set)
75David Beerling01:05:12Dark PeakM50(not set)(not set)
91Kenny Turner01:07:55Dark PeakM55(not set)(not set)
95Ken Jones01:08:22Dark PeakM70(not set)(not set)
98Dave Arundale01:09:54Dark PeakM60(not set)(not set)
114Helen Wright01:15:47Dark PeakWSEN(not set)(not set)
Thu, 16 May 2019 12:16:50 +0000
<![CDATA[Jack Bloor on 2019-05-14]]> Jack Bloor on Tuesday 14th May 2019
239 starters
1J Wood00:38:52(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
17J Elgood00:45:15(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
209Dave Tait01:09:15Dark PeakM70(not set)(not set)
Thu, 16 May 2019 10:47:46 +0000
<![CDATA[Shining Tor on 2019-05-15]]> Shining Tor on Wednesday 15th May 2019
247 starters
1Max Wainwright00:38:35Dark PeakMU23(not set)(not set)
14C BROCK00:44:16(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
83Alison Wainwright00:52:52Dark PeakW50(not set)(not set)
84Simon Allen00:52:59Dark PeakM45(not set)(not set)
95Jim Paxman00:53:30Dark PeakM60(not set)(not set)
Thu, 16 May 2019 09:33:26 +0000
<![CDATA[Trunce 3 on 2019-05-13]]> Trunce 3 on Monday 13th May 2019
368 starters
1Tom Saville00:23:43Dark PeakMSEN(not set)(not set)
5Austin Frost00:26:50Dark PeakM45(not set)(not set)
19N Squires00:28:21(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
52Russell Beresford00:31:49Dark PeakM55(not set)(not set)
132Stewart Kemp00:36:29Dark PeakM65(not set)(not set)
164Eugene Rybinski00:39:09Dark PeakM65(not set)(not set)
171Kenny Turner00:39:26Dark PeakM55(not set)(not set)
278M Jones00:47:42(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
Tue, 14 May 2019 06:24:44 +0000
<![CDATA[Hartcliff Hill on 2019-04-18]]> Hartcliff Hill on Thursday 18th April 2019
92 starters
1Max Wainwright00:15:37Dark PeakMU23(not set)(not set)
2Ralph Simpson00:16:41Dark PeakMSEN(not set)(not set)
3Joe Law00:16:44Dark PeakMU23(not set)(not set)
5K Walshaw00:17:47(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
6M Jones00:18:28(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
27Adrian Baker00:21:25Dark PeakM55(not set)(not set)
29Simon Allen00:21:34Dark PeakM45(not set)(not set)
35Russell Beresford00:22:16Dark PeakM55(not set)(not set)
36Stewart Kemp00:22:20Dark PeakM65(not set)(not set)
54Eoin Connaughton00:24:09Dark PeakM55(not set)(not set)
82Barry Needle00:28:42Dark PeakM75(not set)(not set)
Sun, 12 May 2019 14:47:58 -0400
<![CDATA[South Mynd Tour on 2019-05-12]]> South Mynd Tour on Sunday 12th May 2019
38 starters
1T Werrett02:07:56(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
28Trevor Matty03:09:17Dark PeakM50(not set)(not set)
34B Tucker03:30:45(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
Sun, 12 May 2019 14:38:29 -0400
<![CDATA[Pendle Cloughs on 2019-05-11]]> Pendle Cloughs on Saturday 11th May 2019
103 starters
1I Embrey02:13:12(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
3Tom Brunt02:16:33Dark PeakM45(not set)(not set)
23J Brown02:45:49(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
27Sarah Lilleman02:47:28Dark PeakWSEN(not set)(not set)
43Greg Rimmer02:57:06Dark PeakM55(not set)(not set)
90Murray Bishop03:39:55Dark PeakM55(not set)(not set)
Sun, 12 May 2019 12:55:27 -0400
<![CDATA[Buttermere Sailbeck on 2019-05-11]]> Buttermere Sailbeck on Saturday 11th May 2019
134 starters
1B Townshend01:28:55(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
7Peter Davies01:39:22Dark PeakMSEN(not set)(not set)
17Sharon Taylor01:46:09(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
54Dave Sykes02:05:21Dark PeakM45(not set)(not set)
72Jenny Caddick02:12:40Dark PeakW45(not set)(not set)
86Ashley Kay02:21:25Dark PeakM55(not set)(not set)
Sun, 12 May 2019 12:54:21 -0400
<![CDATA[Flower Scar on 2019-05-11]]> Flower Scar on Saturday 11th May 2019
249 starters
1M Nicholls00:54:16(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
14Nathan Lawson00:54:49Dark PeakMU23(not set)(not set)
18M Waiwright00:56:42(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
31Tom Saville00:58:17Dark PeakMSEN(not set)(not set)
34Rhys Findlay-Robinson00:59:01Dark PeakMSEN(not set)(not set)
45Hatti Archer01:00:56Dark PeakWSEN(not set)(not set)
47Michael Corrales01:01:13Dark PeakMSEN(not set)(not set)
85Megan Wilson01:05:55Dark PeakWSEN(not set)(not set)
92John Hunt01:06:49Dark PeakM50(not set)(not set)
241Paul Gray01:50:27Dark PeakM50(not set)(not set)
Sat, 11 May 2019 13:16:26 -0400
<![CDATA[Burbage Skyline on 2019-05-07]]> Burbage Skyline on Tuesday 7th May 2019
320 starters
1Lee Kemp00:39:23Totley ACMSEN(not set)(not set)
1Joseph Oldfield00:39:23Matlock Athletic ClubMSEN(not set)(not set)
3Peter Davies00:39:51Dark PeakMSEN(not set)(not set)
4Oliver Matharu00:40:36Holme Pierrepont RCMSEN(not set)(not set)
5Malcolm Johnson00:41:04Stockport Harriers & ACM40(not set)(not set)
6Charlie Baker00:41:16Totley ACMSEN(not set)(not set)
7Craig Fishwick00:41:49Dark PeakMSEN(not set)(not set)
7Harry Scott00:41:49SHUOCMU23(not set)(not set)
7Heikki Tapaninen00:41:49Team All Ahven AdventuresMSEN(not set)(not set)
7David Taylor00:41:49Dark PeakM50(not set)(not set)
11Chris Jones00:42:01Steel City Striders RCMSEN(not set)(not set)
12Ben Burrell00:42:07Porter Valley PloddersMSEN(not set)(not set)
13David Robinette00:42:19UnattachedMSEN(not set)(not set)
14Paul Middlemas00:42:47Steel City Striders RCMSEN(not set)(not set)
15Lewis Banton00:42:55Clowne Road Runners ClubM40(not set)(not set)
16John Hunt00:43:02Dark PeakM50(not set)(not set)
17Andrew Wainwright00:43:08UnattachedM50(not set)(not set)
18Richard Baldwin00:43:10Dark PeakMSEN(not set)(not set)
19Colin Osborne00:43:11Totley ACM40(not set)(not set)
20Louis Wood00:43:27Steel City Striders RCM40(not set)(not set)
Tue, 07 May 2019 17:22:34 -0400
<![CDATA[Gribdale Growler on 2019-05-01]]> Gribdale Growler on Wednesday 1st May 2019
123 starters
1B Bergstrand00:36:22(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
11C Williamson00:42:30(not set)(not set)(not set)(not set)
23Joe Blackett00:45:10Dark PeakM55(not set)(not set)
Tue, 07 May 2019 08:37:14 -0400