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Jo Coates
1h • 20/10/2019 • 2:46

Dark Peak Fell Runners
4h • 19/10/2019 • 23:35

Dave Bish
4h • 19/10/2019 • 23:10

Dark Peak Fell Runners
5h • 19/10/2019 • 22:39

5h • 19/10/2019 • 22:19

Dark Peak Fell Runners
5h • 19/10/2019 • 22:04

Eileen Jones
6h • 19/10/2019 • 21:58

Neil McKenzie
6h • 19/10/2019 • 21:51

Malcolm Patterson
6h • 19/10/2019 • 21:34

Ross Gollan
6h • 19/10/2019 • 21:31

Jessica Ward
6h • 19/10/2019 • 21:27

Alexis Cleveland
6h • 19/10/2019 • 21:25

Charlie Massey
7h • 19/10/2019 • 20:32

Dark Peak Fell Runners
7h • 19/10/2019 • 20:22

Dark Peak Fell Runners
8h • 19/10/2019 • 19:15

Dark Peak Fell Runners
12h • 19/10/2019 • 15:37

Dark Peak Fell Runners
13h • 19/10/2019 • 15:04

Dark Peak Fell Runners
14h • 19/10/2019 • 13:28

Dark Peak Fell Runners
14h • 19/10/2019 • 13:11

Dark Peak Fell Runners
15h • 19/10/2019 • 12:59

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Rogaine 3 - Blackden

Date and Time: Sunday 17th March 2019, 9:30am
Event type: Other
Gridref: SK130895
League: Not in any Dark Peak League

RO: Glen borrell.

The antipodean version of the orienteering score event. 3 hours usually and challenging.

The final Instalment of the Rogaine series will be at Blackden Brook. This course extends up to the edge of the Kinder plateau offering something different from the previous 2 events.
Parking in the layby on the A57
Date - 17th March
Start - 9.30am
2 courses are available - score and linear. Given the steep terrain the score course is up to 1 hr 40 Minutes and the linear is circa 4.5 miles. Score will be set off first at 30 second intervals with the linear going off in a group start shortly after the last score competitor.
Laminated maps will be provided and you will get these 5-10 minutes before the start (9.20) to plan your route. Score and linear will get the same map with the linear controls listed at the side of the map in the order they need to be visited. You will need to bring something to record the 2 letter symbols on the controls (pen/paper or camera). As long as you can submit a list of visited controls at the finish that's fine. I will supply the punch card.
As with previous events any juniors left at the start I will find something we can do to entertain ourselves.
Can you please let me know if you'd like to come so i can ensure i have the right number of maps available . Either on Facebook or email on email. Hope to see you there.

Full FRA kit to be carried during the event

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