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Round Rotherham Run
Helen Elmore commented on
Round Rotherham Run
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Final English Championships
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Week from 18th/19th August 2018
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New Photos

posted by DaveT on 5th Mar 2017

Middle Fell:-
Rivock Edge:- the far end of Ilkley Moor. Wild, wet and windy, with an abundance of mud. A need to be careful not to be sliding into the canal.....results.
Blakey Blitz:-
Wolf's Pit:- results.
Wrekin:- Carshare League Counter. results.

Old Magazines needing a good home.
NIck has sent:-
Hi, I've had to give up running and have the following going free to a good home. Collection from Sheffield S8: 5x UK Adventure Sports, 1x Fellrunner, 1x Running Free, 6x Marathon&Beyond, 5x Runners World, 13x Running Fitness, 18x Trail Running (UK), 9x Ultrarunning, 33x Trail Running (USA). Mixture of issues from 2009 to 2015. Could you ask your members if they'd like any of them? Many thanks Nick. Please email.

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posted by DaveT on 5th Mar 2017

Results for Grindleford Gallop. No clubs are identified, so picking over the results is probably going to be a personal endeavour for them as wants to. But we do note a very creditable 2nd overall for Paul Fauset.

Results From Brough Law

Results. From Haworth Hobble

Horsehill Tor.
YHA King of the Castle - Results - from January.

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posted by DaveT on 27th Feb 2017

Results from Glaisdale Rigg.

HIgh Peak Marathon:-results.
Carding Mill Canter:- results.

Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round:- most unusually was it warm and sunny up on Pendle. Plenty of rain had made things very squelchy, but a most pleasant variant on our usual trips around Pendle. And no knoll to be visiting. results.

Bluebell 1 - results
Cloud Nine:- results.

Hope Winter:- results.
Ian Roberts Memorial:- cancelled

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posted by DaveT on 20th Feb 2017

High Cup Nick:- results.
Not the Nationals:-
National Cross Country Championships - Wollaton Park, Nottingham. Results.
British Night Orienteering Championships - in some woods by Lake Windermere. Results.

Badger Bar Blast - a likely permanent variant on the Loughrigg - Silver Howe course. What a joy it was to be remembering that epic Great Lakes Run, where the rain is bucketing down, the wind is howling, and every opportunity to be getting lost. The Ambleside organisation was excellent, no streams in spate to be crossing, and all safely home. With the top of Silver Howe in the full force of the breeze, marshals sensibly recorded numbers in a lower place of shelter, leaving it up to the runners to venture up and round the cairn. Almost a disaster in the pub when the soup ran out, but saving the day appeared huge baskets of chips...
Results - (where there is a reminder that runners must show their number, on their front. Calling out, in the wind, just does not work.)

Pig-Sty Barrow - from Thirlmere. Results.
Ilkley Moor:- results.
Mercia Hill Trial:- results.
Hoppits Hill:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 13th Feb 2017

Bleasdale Circle - up in Bowland. a hard little race, coming in as a "B" due to heavy muddy fields, between a steep grind up to Paddy's Pole (Fair Snape), and a mad hurtle down Parlick. with the usual excellent cakes and soup in the village hall. Results.

Flower Scar:- away we go with the Carshare League....results
New Chew:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 6th Feb 2017

Carnethy 5:- results. Tony Heron helps us out:-"Full on conditions for the 48th Carnethy 5 hill race. The C5 is arguably Scotland's biggest and best race, which I'd clocked at just over 9 kms. However, with five proper summits - Scald Law, South Black Hill, East and West Kip, and Carnethy - visited in this short distance, there are few tougher races in the calendar. At the start, the marshals were warning of 40 mph/ -20 windchill and poor visibility on the summits - and so it proved. Thankfully, we had the wind behind us on the brutal climb of Scald Law, but after that it was just a matter of keeping your head down and getting round as quickly as possible. The marshals did a brilliant getting everyone around the course safely - especially those on the penultimate checkpoint on the summit of Carnethy where the weather conditions where just just plain ridiculous. The men's race was won comfortably by Finlay Wild ahead of Tom Addison while Hannah Russell beat local favourite Charlotte Morgan in the women's race. I only spotted two brown vests in the results - me (69th and 20th V40) and Duncan Marsh (336th and 93rd V40). 471 finishers. "

Parbold Hill - results. John Hunt finishing a very strong 7th, in 45.16

Windy Hill- over Blackstone Edge.. Those with fond memories will remember that Edale Skyline, and this was at times equally interesting, with runners disappearing into the driving white stuff - though not as windy as was Edale. Being only a medium race, we weren't on the top that long, and once turning for home had the wind nicely behind us. Results.

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posted by DaveT on 29th Jan 2017

Margery Hill:-
Titterstone Clee:- results. A most welcome return by Lloyd....
Wadsworth Trog:- results.
Rombalds Stride - a long trip around Ilkley Moor.

Long Mynd Valleys - a running of next month's Championship course, in its traditional time slot. Results. A notable win for Tom Saville, both in the race and in the family contest, especially with a strong field, prospecting for the Championship event. Equally notable is first LV50 for Tracy Greenway.

Kong Mini MM - Round 1 - from Borrowdale - results. Kirsty and Helen giving a very strong 8th place overall.
Mickleden Straddle - very muddy and sloshy, but quite benign really. No wind, no ice, no snow, and not that cold. Very boggy coming back up from the dams, all now a sinkable path, where once it was a compass job. Results. A most welcome precise kit check, and the renowned, excellent cakes, soup and sandwiches.

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posted by DaveT on 21st Jan 2017

Carshare League 2017:- Our illustrious organiser has put this year's events out, and there will surely be plenty to tempt folk to try new places and new events. Sharing travel can easily be sorted out.

Hoofstones - BM, 13km, a completely excellent race, a genuine, proper fell course, can't be recommended highly enough. Just by Todmorden. 52 runners, and that was a good number, so the pub wasn't crammed out, and it seems that runners who would be out of their depth kept well clear. We started up flagged fields and such onto the fell, then a wet, slosh up some pathed moors in rain, mist and sleet, to Hoofstones trig point. From where the fun begins. Compass out, no sense in following, and cross heather, peat, bogs, tussocks to hopefully find the correct way off the moor. And back down. Put it in the diary for another year, especially if you've had enough of just trying to get past a line in front of you...Results.

Northern Cross Country - in Knowsley Park - results.
Tigger Tor:- results.
Whitestone - Kendal Winter League:-
Kong Winter Fell races - this time, up Clough Head from Threlkeld - Results. Next, the last in this series, is up Stybarrow, Sunday 26th February.

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posted by DaveT on 16th Jan 2017

Kinder Trial - results.
Wildest Peaks Trail Run - results. This was a trail, marked, run around the wild Eastern edges, from Longshaw, postponed from last year.
Cannock Chase Trig Points:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 9th Jan 2017

Ashurst Beacon - reputed to be lurking in Lancashire, somewhere...indeed it is, John Hunt leading the others home. Results.

The Spine - just start at Edale and keep going.....
The Trigger :- results.
Lamb's Longer Leg - results.

Stanbury Splash:- and splash it was. Streams to wade through, lots of wet sloshy bogs to fall into, just the usual delights of those Haworth Moors. A day when the sisters would have got their dresses a bit mucked up. Results.

Obstruction Sheffield - details. This looks to be a 5km obstacle course around Eccleshall Woods. A while off, 12th March, but it may well be worth having a look at what it is all about.

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posted by DaveT on 2nd Jan 2017

Yorkshire Cross Country - Lightwater Valley:- results. First team for Hallamshire...
Moz's Birthday Run:-
YHA "King of the Castle".
Commondale Clart:- results.
Scout Scar - Kendal Winter League. results.

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posted by DaveT on 3rd Jan 2017

Saturday 8th April is the first race of this year's British Championship. Very simple, really. We start in the park, at sea level, go to the top of Slieve Donard, about 3000ft higher, and come back down again. The ability to use a compass was helpful three year's back.....

We have team and individual titles to maintain, and that won't be easy. Getting plenty of runners lined up will be crunch. Flights are always cheaper, the sooner they get booked. Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool prove convenient.

If you've not been, it really is a memorable experience, they always put on a classic event, and if, like Carshare, you'll not be contributing to the teams, it matters not. A good weekend is guaranteed.

Carshare is booked Friday while Sunday, from Leeds to Belfast City. Hopefully lots more of us? If there's anything need to know about arrangements, travel etc, please ask. No idea what is happening over accommodation, mind.

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posted by DaveT on 27th Dec 2016

Happy New Year to everyone, and hopes for a safe, healthy. enjoyable 2017.
Auld Lang Syne:- results
Bowstones:- results.
Padley Skyline:-
Captain Cook's Races:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 18th Dec 2016

Very best wishes from Carshare, to everyone for a very enjoyable time over Christmas!

Christmas Eve Breakfast Run.
Boxing Day Bogtrot:-
Chevin Chase - results. .
Whinberry Naze:-
Wansfell - results
Bradfield Boundary Run:-
Guisborough Woods:-results

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posted by DaveT on 13th Dec 2016

Tour de Helvellyn:- results.
Crookstone and Beyond-

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posted by DaveT on 6th Dec 2016

Results - for Peak Raid Round 4, Crowden
Burbage Nuts.
Bradfield Christmas Score:-
Litton Christmas Cracker
Simonside Cairns - results.

"Where's Walla" - the first of a series of 4 races, 27th November, brought about by Kong Adventure, Keswick.
Mike Robinson gets himself involved. "King Kong climbing walls in Keswick have put on a short series of races, the first was 'Where's Walla?' which took in Walla Crag. The second race is on the 18th of December and starts in Braithwaite and takes in Stile End, Outerside and Barrow, an excellent little race."

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posted by DaveT on 27th Nov 2016

Results - for Eskdale Eureka
Three Tops:
Cardington Cracker:- results. Can anyone help with the double running of the course by Steven Jones - or are there two "S Jones"?
Gravy Pud:- results.
Hayfield Santa Dash:-results.
Crag Fell -results. Not that many behind Mike Robinson, in fact - nobody...

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posted by DaveT on 21st Nov 2016

Warts Revenge:-
Lee Mill Relay - no takers....
RAB Mini MM Round 4 - Tintwhistle - results.
David Staff Memorial - Darwen - results.

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posted by DaveT on 13th Nov 2016

Tour of Pendle:- Well! That's the first time I've had snow down on The Tour. Often cold wet clag, snow and hail showers, but a lot worse today. Conditions along the tops in the second part were nasty, and later on there was a vicious snow blitz. There seemed to a lot of sense and awareness from the runners, and although cold, people were plodding along steadily. My gratitude to numerous runners who readily lifted a layer so that a number could be seen. Just a few incurred the wrath of CP9 with their number on the leg. Apologies to those DPFR I missed speaking to... results.

North Grain There and Back:-
Penmaenmawr:- results.

Lee Mill Relay - Sunday 27th November. This seems to be gradually getting right popular, 4 legs, from near Bacup in Rossendale. Anyone up for getting a team together? A team can be totally club strong, or any combination of four runners. It would need someone to sort out, who was willing to collect names, rather than getting the best teams out as the two big Relays expect. Well?

Peak Raid 3, Round 3 - Grindleford - results.
Wrekin Wrecker - results.

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posted by DaveT on 7th Nov 2016

FRA Presentation Night - all was given out, so somebody, somewhere, has your trophy were you not able to be along....
Photos - with the most impressive garb from Tom Saville, distinctly worth looking through for...
The venue was first used in 1997 - when Mark Roberts was 1st English, Ian Holmes 3rd, Liz Batt - 3rd. In the British, Ian and Mark were joint 1st.
In 1998, same venue, Ian was 1st English, and in the British, Ian - 1st and Mark - 2nd. They've held it all together most excellently over the years!

Win Hill for Sale. Details - should anyone wanting to be moving....
" An exciting opportunity to acquire about 612 acres (247.69 hectares) of moorland, grassland & woodland, including the landmark of Win Hill, within the Peak District National Park." An opportunity not to be missed, maybe putting a toll gate for all walkers and runners? Or a café on the top?

Club Championships:-
Dunnerdale:- results.
Harriers v Cyclists - results.
Burley Moor Run - results - a pleasant enough trip around Ilkley Moor....Well, pleasant enough, though right wet and sloshy, and the rain had mostly passed through.

Leg it Round Lathkil:- results.
Roaches:- results.
Wadsworth Half Trog:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 30th Oct 2016

Rivelin Skyline:-
Knockfarrel - best be looking out for this...up in distant far north...results ..but of DPFR runners were there none....
Cop Hill:- results.
Peak Raid 3 - Round 2 - Glossop:-results. Some interesting time-keeping here...
Saddleworth Edges - results , from a good while back.

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posted by DaveT on 25th Oct 2016

OMM - Glentrool:- results . Please let us know if you're missed off DPFR results....
Snowdonia Marathon - results , there seems to be a satisfied John Hunt, "1st MV50, 14th overall and within 4 minutes of his PB for the course." Anyone else there?

Edale Circle -
Bronte Way:- results.
Grin and Bear It:- results...might need a touch of fiddling around...

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posted by DaveT on 16th Oct 2016

Results For Buttermere Shepherd's Meet

Chunal -results from way back...

Results .Here are the results for Great Whernside -the final Carshare League. With it being Championship next year, a larger field than usual. A good time to be trying out new lines. The direct drop from the trig point seems faster for the mad descenders, and getting through the swamps without losing a shoe is a helpful.

Peak Raid 3 - Round 1. Edale - results.
Wirksworth Incline - results.

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posted by DaveT on 11th Oct 2016

Congratulations to everyone involved throughout the campaign. So very many things are extremely tight, often depending on those non-counting runners making a vital contribution. A lot to live up to next year, and the more people the better, getting to these races.
The rules for the British insist on listing only those completing the required full set of races, whereas for the English, the total points gained, even from 3 races, is the rule. On the FRA website all points recipients are listed. I've just put out those in the top 10 positions.

Team results. The counting races are shown. My list of medallists, any runner who has scored points in a counting race, is completely unofficial, and liable to be riddled with errors....

Senior Men - 1st : M40 - 2nd : M50 - 1st : Senior Ladies - 4th : LV40 - 1st..

Senior Men:- Up the Nab (U) : Black Combe (B) : Langdale (L) : Pendle 3Peaks (P).

Medalists:- Rhys (U) : Matt Elkington (U) : Neil(U) : Tom Saville (U) : Stuart Bond (U) : Kris (B) : Tom Brunt (B) : Johnny Crickmore (L) : Josh (L) : Will (L) : Rob (P).

M40:- Up the Nab (U) : Black Combe (B): Langdale (L) : Borrowdale (Bo).

Medallists:- Tom Brunt (U): Spyke (U) : John Hunt (U) : Gareth (U) : Dave Taylor (B) : Mike Nolan (B) : Jon Morgan (L) : Mike Robinson (Bo) : Dave Sykes(Bo).

M50:- Up the Nab (U) : Black Combe (B) : Langdale (L) : Sedbergh (S).

Medallists:- Spyke (U) : Steve Bell (U) : Mick Stenton (U) : Dave Taylor (B) : Joe (B) : John Hunt (L)

L40:- Up the Nab (U) : Pendle (P) : Borrowdale : Langdale (L).

Medallists :- Judith (U) : Nicky (U) : Helen (U) : Jenny (L) : Nicola (L).

FRA Link

MU23:- Matt - 1st : Tom - 2nd.
Senior Men :- Rhys - 6th= .
M40:- Spyke - 6th.
M45:- Spyke - 3rd.
M50:- Spyke - 2nd : Dave Taylor - 7th : Steve Bell - 8th.
M60:- Keith - 6th.
M65:- DT - 3rd.

WU23 - Anna - 2nd : Ellie - 3rd.
Senior Women :- Judith - 9th=
W40 - Judith - 5th : Nicky - 7th : Helen - 8th : Nicola - 10th=.
W45 - Judith - 1st= : Nicky - 5th : Nicola - 7th.
W50 - Judith - 2nd=

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posted by DaveT on 11th Oct 2016

How good it is that we now have runners at events of different types in so many different parts of the country. Inevitably I will be missing out on finding plenty of these, so please let us know if you have been missed of fsomething, somewhere, or of anything that the rest of us should be knowing about.

UKA British relays - Luss, Loch Lomond. results. With Willy , on the ball as usual, reporting early that the Men have won, this is some completely formidable achievement. I make it that the MV40, MV50 and Ladies are all 4th, Men B team are 22nd, Ladies B Team - 11th.
Big thanks to everyone for travelling and representing. A lot to be repeating next year....

Round Rotherham - results
Windgather - results.

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