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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 18th Dec 2016

Very best wishes from Carshare, to everyone for a very enjoyable time over Christmas!

Christmas Eve Breakfast Run.
Boxing Day Bogtrot:-
Chevin Chase - results. .
Whinberry Naze:-
Wansfell - results
Bradfield Boundary Run:-
Guisborough Woods:-results

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posted by DaveT on 13th Dec 2016

Tour de Helvellyn:- results.
Crookstone and Beyond-

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Thursday 29th December 2016 at 3:21am
posted by DaveT on 6th Dec 2016

Results - for Peak Raid Round 4, Crowden
Burbage Nuts.
Bradfield Christmas Score:-
Litton Christmas Cracker
Simonside Cairns - results.

"Where's Walla" - the first of a series of 4 races, 27th November, brought about by Kong Adventure, Keswick.
Mike Robinson gets himself involved. "King Kong climbing walls in Keswick have put on a short series of races, the first was 'Where's Walla?' which took in Walla Crag. The second race is on the 18th of December and starts in Braithwaite and takes in Stile End, Outerside and Barrow, an excellent little race."

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posted by DaveT on 27th Nov 2016

Results - for Eskdale Eureka
Three Tops:
Cardington Cracker:- results. Can anyone help with the double running of the course by Steven Jones - or are there two "S Jones"?
Gravy Pud:- results.
Hayfield Santa Dash:-results.
Crag Fell -results. Not that many behind Mike Robinson, in fact - nobody...

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posted by DaveT on 21st Nov 2016

Warts Revenge:-
Lee Mill Relay - no takers....
RAB Mini MM Round 4 - Tintwhistle - results.
David Staff Memorial - Darwen - results.

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posted by DaveT on 13th Nov 2016

Tour of Pendle:- Well! That's the first time I've had snow down on The Tour. Often cold wet clag, snow and hail showers, but a lot worse today. Conditions along the tops in the second part were nasty, and later on there was a vicious snow blitz. There seemed to a lot of sense and awareness from the runners, and although cold, people were plodding along steadily. My gratitude to numerous runners who readily lifted a layer so that a number could be seen. Just a few incurred the wrath of CP9 with their number on the leg. Apologies to those DPFR I missed speaking to... results.

North Grain There and Back:-
Penmaenmawr:- results.

Lee Mill Relay - Sunday 27th November. This seems to be gradually getting right popular, 4 legs, from near Bacup in Rossendale. Anyone up for getting a team together? A team can be totally club strong, or any combination of four runners. It would need someone to sort out, who was willing to collect names, rather than getting the best teams out as the two big Relays expect. Well?

Peak Raid 3, Round 3 - Grindleford - results.
Wrekin Wrecker - results.

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posted by DaveT on 7th Nov 2016

FRA Presentation Night - all was given out, so somebody, somewhere, has your trophy were you not able to be along....
Photos - with the most impressive garb from Tom Saville, distinctly worth looking through for...
The venue was first used in 1997 - when Mark Roberts was 1st English, Ian Holmes 3rd, Liz Batt - 3rd. In the British, Ian and Mark were joint 1st.
In 1998, same venue, Ian was 1st English, and in the British, Ian - 1st and Mark - 2nd. They've held it all together most excellently over the years!

Win Hill for Sale. Details - should anyone wanting to be moving....
" An exciting opportunity to acquire about 612 acres (247.69 hectares) of moorland, grassland & woodland, including the landmark of Win Hill, within the Peak District National Park." An opportunity not to be missed, maybe putting a toll gate for all walkers and runners? Or a café on the top?

Club Championships:-
Dunnerdale:- results.
Harriers v Cyclists - results.
Burley Moor Run - results - a pleasant enough trip around Ilkley Moor....Well, pleasant enough, though right wet and sloshy, and the rain had mostly passed through.

Leg it Round Lathkil:- results.
Roaches:- results.
Wadsworth Half Trog:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 30th Oct 2016

Rivelin Skyline:-
Knockfarrel - best be looking out for this...up in distant far north...results ..but of DPFR runners were there none....
Cop Hill:- results.
Peak Raid 3 - Round 2 - Glossop:-results. Some interesting time-keeping here...
Saddleworth Edges - results , from a good while back.

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posted by DaveT on 25th Oct 2016

OMM - Glentrool:- results . Please let us know if you're missed off DPFR results....
Snowdonia Marathon - results , there seems to be a satisfied John Hunt, "1st MV50, 14th overall and within 4 minutes of his PB for the course." Anyone else there?

Edale Circle -
Bronte Way:- results.
Grin and Bear It:- results...might need a touch of fiddling around...

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posted by DaveT on 16th Oct 2016

Results For Buttermere Shepherd's Meet

Chunal -results from way back...

Results .Here are the results for Great Whernside -the final Carshare League. With it being Championship next year, a larger field than usual. A good time to be trying out new lines. The direct drop from the trig point seems faster for the mad descenders, and getting through the swamps without losing a shoe is a helpful.

Peak Raid 3 - Round 1. Edale - results.
Wirksworth Incline - results.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Friday 4th November 2016 at 2:21pm
posted by DaveT on 11th Oct 2016

Congratulations to everyone involved throughout the campaign. So very many things are extremely tight, often depending on those non-counting runners making a vital contribution. A lot to live up to next year, and the more people the better, getting to these races.
The rules for the British insist on listing only those completing the required full set of races, whereas for the English, the total points gained, even from 3 races, is the rule. On the FRA website all points recipients are listed. I've just put out those in the top 10 positions.

Team results. The counting races are shown. My list of medallists, any runner who has scored points in a counting race, is completely unofficial, and liable to be riddled with errors....

Senior Men - 1st : M40 - 2nd : M50 - 1st : Senior Ladies - 4th : LV40 - 1st..

Senior Men:- Up the Nab (U) : Black Combe (B) : Langdale (L) : Pendle 3Peaks (P).

Medalists:- Rhys (U) : Matt Elkington (U) : Neil(U) : Tom Saville (U) : Stuart Bond (U) : Kris (B) : Tom Brunt (B) : Johnny Crickmore (L) : Josh (L) : Will (L) : Rob (P).

M40:- Up the Nab (U) : Black Combe (B): Langdale (L) : Borrowdale (Bo).

Medallists:- Tom Brunt (U): Spyke (U) : John Hunt (U) : Gareth (U) : Dave Taylor (B) : Mike Nolan (B) : Jon Morgan (L) : Mike Robinson (Bo) : Dave Sykes(Bo).

M50:- Up the Nab (U) : Black Combe (B) : Langdale (L) : Sedbergh (S).

Medallists:- Spyke (U) : Steve Bell (U) : Mick Stenton (U) : Dave Taylor (B) : Joe (B) : John Hunt (L)

L40:- Up the Nab (U) : Pendle (P) : Borrowdale : Langdale (L).

Medallists :- Judith (U) : Nicky (U) : Helen (U) : Jenny (L) : Nicola (L).

FRA Link

MU23:- Matt - 1st : Tom - 2nd.
Senior Men :- Rhys - 6th= .
M40:- Spyke - 6th.
M45:- Spyke - 3rd.
M50:- Spyke - 2nd : Dave Taylor - 7th : Steve Bell - 8th.
M60:- Keith - 6th.
M65:- DT - 3rd.

WU23 - Anna - 2nd : Ellie - 3rd.
Senior Women :- Judith - 9th=
W40 - Judith - 5th : Nicky - 7th : Helen - 8th : Nicola - 10th=.
W45 - Judith - 1st= : Nicky - 5th : Nicola - 7th.
W50 - Judith - 2nd=

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Tuesday 25th October 2016 at 3:43pm
posted by DaveT on 11th Oct 2016

How good it is that we now have runners at events of different types in so many different parts of the country. Inevitably I will be missing out on finding plenty of these, so please let us know if you have been missed of fsomething, somewhere, or of anything that the rest of us should be knowing about.

UKA British relays - Luss, Loch Lomond. results. With Willy , on the ball as usual, reporting early that the Men have won, this is some completely formidable achievement. I make it that the MV40, MV50 and Ladies are all 4th, Men B team are 22nd, Ladies B Team - 11th.
Big thanks to everyone for travelling and representing. A lot to be repeating next year....

Round Rotherham - results
Windgather - results.

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posted by DaveT on 4th Oct 2016

Sadly, Dave Parry, the organiser of so many North York Moors races, for so many years, including Championship events, passed away earlier today.

Langdale - final Championship race of the year. results.
Team Results. Senior Men - 1st : M40 - 2= with Helm Hill : M50 - 1st :Senior Ladies - 3rd L40 - 1st.
Dry, warm enough and clear, even warm. Marvellous to see so many runners turning out for a Championship race, long may it continue into next year's campaign.
I, unofficially, make it we are 1st Seniors on the day. Rhys has done some calculations, and makes it that we are one point clear in the Championships. Before we go overboard, best await the FRA Statistician's calculations.
Someone will have to sort out the V40 results, likely the V50's have done well, not a clue about the Ladies, apologies. Please help!
Plenty walking out for prizes, Judith quite repeatedly for every category going. Contrary to rumours, DT was first M65.

John Hunt helps us out:- "By my probably wrong calculations we were 2nd MV40 team at Langdale CVR 1st (154pts), DPFR 2nd (228 pts), Helm Hill 3rd (230 pts). Even if I'm wrong and HH are 2nd and we are 3rd, that's still makes us 2nd overall. But - it might well be a matter of Countback for 2nd place, with Helm Hill. Once again, best left to the Statistician....Awesome packing from the geriatrics that squeezed in to count as the 4. Another win for the MV50s means it's 4x12 pts for the champs for them, that looks frighteningly good.

UK /FRA Relays, Luss- Loch Lomond. Weekend after this.
"The club are still looking for runners for the GB fell relays (Sat 15th Oct, Luss, Loch Lomond)! We need another runner for the Open 'B' team and a women for the female 'B' team (the open team runner can be male or female). This is a really good opportunity to run for DP, be part of a team and experience a championship event. Anyone can be part of these teams (yes vets included) and we're not specifically looking for regular racers, these teams are more about participation and gaining experience. It would be a shame if we had to scrap these teams as currently we have people who are keen to be part of the event. Please contact club captains Rob and Helen for any more information and hopefully we can have at least 2 people offering their support. We look forward to hearing from you.

Curbar Commotion - results
Withins Skyline. - results.
Breiddens - results.
Pentland Skyline - results. As Willy has highlighted, an outstanding record from Kris Jones on their local hills.
Manor Water - results.

Permalink | Closed to new comments (1) | Last updated on Wednesday 19th October 2016 at 1:12pm
posted by DaveT on 20th Sep 2016

Listed are runners who have gained points and managed the three races, as on the FRA tables.
MU23 :- Tom - 1st.
Senior men: Rhys - 1st : Neil - 8th : Tom - 9th : Spyke - 17th.
M40:- Spyke - 8th : Dave Taylor - 11th : Mike Nolan - 20th : Steve Bell - 25th.
M50 :- Spyke - 2nd : Dave Taylor - 4th : Steve Bell - 9th : Keith - 17th : Ian Winterburn - 18th=.
V60:- Keith - 6th : DT - 12th.

Senior Men - 1st.
M40 - 3rd.
M50 - 1st.

The FRA Statistician has confirmed the three counting races.
Men - Sedbergh (S), Donard Commedagh (D), and Cwm Pennant (CP).
MV40. Merrick (M) , Donard Commedagh (D), and Cwm Pennant (CP).
MV50:- Sedbergh (S), Donard Commedagh (D), and Cwm Pennant (CP).

Totally unofficially, I make these the medal recipients - to have counted in a counting race.
Senior Men :- Rhys (S) : Rob (S) : Matt E (S) : Neil (S) : Tom Saville (S) : Dave Taylor (D) : Tom Brunt (CP) : Spyke (CP)
MV40 :- Spyke (M) : Mike Nolan (M) : Steve Bell (M) : Ian Winterburn (M) : Dave Taylor (D) : Keith (D) : Tom Brunt (CP) : John Hunt (CP).
MV50 :- Spyke (S) : Dave Taylor (S) : Steve Bell (S) : Keith (D) : John Hunt (CP)

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Monday 10th October 2016 at 2:39am
posted by DaveT on 26th Sep 2016

Hodgson Brothers Relay:- Well! It don't come much better. Much more news from our team runners will help out. Results.
The Ladies seem to have got four good pairings, with runners who have these Lakeland hills in the legs. Nicky and Jenny held things together on the final leg, with fast closing Helm Hill (fastest leg) closing in , nearly.
The Vets also seem to have had three strong first legs, leaving John Hunt and Spyke the task of reining in Ambleside. They managed this at the top of St Sunday Crag, and opened the gap on that final descent.
The Ladies and Vets are well used to winning, but with Borrowdale winning for the previous 19 years, the Holy Grail of fell running was to win this Relay outright. Rob Little has managed to get, at last, what seems to be the best eight runners all turning out, knowing their legs. Borrowdale were ahead, just, at the first three change overs, and Rhys and Kris put in the fastest leg, most impressively, to win decisively.
Very many congratulations to all the runners, it can't be done with one weak runner, all you need to do next year is retain it....

Saddleworth Edges:-
Go Big Moor - from Holmesfield.
Rivelin Foxtrot:-

Levisham Limping - N Y Moors - results.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Monday 10th October 2016 at 2:39am
posted by DaveT on 19th Sep 2016

Lakeland Classics Final Results are here. Borrowdale are marginally ahead of Ambleside, with us 3rd, but well off the pace.
First is Andrew Schofield. Completions from John Hunt - 10th, 1st V50 : Mike Robinson - 11th : David Lund - 12th : Judith - 19th and 1st W : Dave Sykes - 26th : Nicky - 27th and 2nd W40 : Jenny - 33rd and 3rd W40 : Keith - 37th and 1st M60. Congratulations to you all.

Next year's Championship races are now on the FRA website, though only provisional. A most welcome move, as plenty of planning can be started, especially next year's Carshare League, for which our organiser would gladly listen to any recommendations. Castle Carr is the alternative to Wasdale, but underestimate this at your peril, it is seriously hard and rough, with every opportunity to be getting lost

If anyone is wanting a most interesting read, look out for "Bob Cole, The Runner". It is written by Steve Herington, a regular at the World Masters events. Bob Cole, nobody has ever heard of him, lived in Hereford around and after the First World War, in the days of professional races, and the prestige events at the Powderhall Meetings

Two Breweries:- results. up in Scotland...
Royal Dungworth:-
Isle of Man Races:- were cancelled, due to bad weather.
Three Peaks Cyclo Cross - results. Anyone deserving of a mention?
English Schools Championships:-results. I see that Bradfield School are 11th, and no doubt their Team Manager will let us know of those deserving a special mention...

Rydal Round -results from ages back, on a shortened course.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Tuesday 27th September 2016 at 2:26am
posted by DaveT on 12th Sep 2016

Merrick - final British Championship race, and Carshare League counter. Results.
Rhys was back first, and this makes him British Champion. Very many congratulations and a superb achievement.
I didn't wait for any results and missed speaking to folk, so a proper sort out in due course. The race started with a bottleneck climb up a steep first hill, where the bracken had been scythed back enough. A long gradual climb up to Merrick, but then a good supply of bogs, tussocks, holes and whatever, with the added bonus of a disguised trip wire near the bottom of this grassy slope somewhere.
Never mind what it was billed as, " 8.47 miles / 13.64 km and 3600 ft / 1100m " won't be far off.

Lantern Pike:- results.
King John's Castle:- results.
Three Shires - final Lakeland Classics counter - results
OMM Lite - North Yorkshire, Pickering. results.
Dale Head:- results.
Glencoe Skyline:- results. Please let us know if you're missed off the DPFR results...
Stanage Struggle:- results.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Friday 23rd September 2016 at 2:22pm
posted by DaveT on 3rd Sep 2016

Hodder Valley Show - Bowland. a different venue and course from when it was Championship at nearby Dunsop Bridge. Fields and tracks up to a soggy Beatrix Fell, around the trig point and hammer back down. A very pleasant show and race. results.

World Mountain Running Championships - in Bulgaria:- results.
Peris Horseshoe - and Half, stopping at Pen y Pass.
Great North Run - results.
Nine Edges Endurance:- results.
Mountain Trial:- results, and a most prestigious first team prize
Padfield Plum Fair:- results.
Bluebell 3:- results.
Trunce 9 - results.

Three Shires - next Saturday, 17th. And the final Lakeland Classic. Greg reminds us " 3 Shires pre-entry closes on 10th September, with NO ENTRY ON THE DAY! Just had this confirmed by Selwyn, so get on here and get your entry in if you want to run... "

Completed Trig Points.


This plaque was presented to Rob Woodall, who has finally visited each and every of the 12, 394 trig points in the UK, which are still standing. Some achievement indeed!

Lakes Sky Ultra;- Mike was doing this, also with a few other brown vests, back in July.Looks like a long trip around... Results. Likely a better report will emerge on the DPFR Ultra bit of the website...

James' Thorn:-results from a good while back...

Permalink | Closed to new comments (1) | Last updated on Wednesday 21st September 2016 at 2:21pm
posted by DaveT on 29th Aug 2016

Ben Nevis:- results.
Grisedale Horseshoe:- results .
Longshaw Sheepdog Trials:-
Gladstone 9 - from Penmaenmawr...results.


Castle Carr - Results. A new AL event above Hebden Bridge, the setting once for those Calder Valley FRA Relays. A big thanks to Calder Valley for staging a major new AL race. Connoisseurs of Wadsworth Trog will remember with delight the vistas of Sheepstones Trig and High Brown Knoll, and we now had similar highlights around the far side of the Castle Carr Reservoirs. Runners with an affection for deep boggy tussocks will most definitely feel at home here. Extremely gruelling, with trods and paths all over the hillsides, so easy to choose the wrong one - which Carshare managed with regularity.

Exterminator:- results.
Loweswater Show:- results.
Shelf Moor:-
Stretton Skyline:- results.

Monday - Summer Series 12 - from Brogging House.
Burbage Summer Sharpener 3.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Wednesday 14th September 2016 at 11:09am
posted by DaveT on 21st Aug 2016

Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc. - Nicky is round in 32hrs 32mins 11 secs, she'll have to let us know how this stands in her category. UK runners results.

This weekend - World Masters. This year it's in Susa, Italy. results. A most impressive LV40 set, with 1,2,3 for Lou Roberts, Julie Briscoe and Kirsty Hall. Anne-Marie Jones is 1st L60. Ben Grant - 4th : Mike Egner - 6th : Ben Mounsey - 8th : Karl Gray - 9th. Plenty of other names to be looking out for...
Next year it's on 2nd September in Slovakia 145km NE of Bratislava.

Details are emerging of the FRA Relays this year, at Luss, Loch Lomond.
Maps for Legs 1, 3 and 4.
We have entered :- two Senior Men teams, MV40, MV50, Senior Ladies, LV40. Maybe we won't finally be allowed all these teams, and the category of the teams can be altered. As ever, if you want to be considered, it's up to you to contact Captains, not their job to be prattling around asking. That would be Rob and Helen. For the MV50 it has traditionally been Keith, and will be this year. Nobody has come forwards about a V60 team, so that idea was scrapped.
For the Hodgson Brothers Relay (to give it it's Sunday name) , we have the usual Men, Ladies, and MVets.

Lakeland Classics :- results so far. The team is 3rd, after Borrowdale and Ambleside. Not that far back, and just Three Shires remaining, as Langdale isn't a counter this time round. Mike is 10th, Dave Lund - 11th, Keith - 1st V60.
The Ladies are high up, as might be expected. Judith - 1st : Nicky - 3rd and 2nd V40 : Jenny - 3rd V40.

Ochil's 2000 - results.
Dufton Show:-

England Home International Trial:- results. I'm not knowing much about this, sorry! But Eve Crownshaw is 4th, in 22.51 , and Jack is 14th, in 43.27.

Pendleton:- a most pleasant AS race, up and over that far end of Pendle Hill. just simple, unfussy fell running, with a good bit of everything along the route. Then sit in the stream and wash all the muck off. Results.

Crowden:- results.
Grasmere Guides:- results.
RAB Mini-MM - Round 3 - from Braithwaite:- results.
Reeth Show - BOFRA - results.
Eyam Barrel Inn:- results.
Ennerdale Show:- results, Rhys is first, but no times shown as yet...
Roseberry Topping:- results.
Gt Longstone:- results.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Wednesday 14th September 2016 at 11:08am
posted by DaveT on 26th Aug 2016

FRA Link

Senior Men - 1st. but Keswick can drop their Borrowdale race if they get a big team out at Langdale.
MV40 - 1st. But Calder Valley have no lomg counter, as yet....
MV50 - Champions.
Senior Ladies - 4th, but only one point behind Helm Hill/Mercia
L40 - Champions.

MU23:- Matt - 1st : Tom - 2nd. Final positions, so congratulations to both.
Senior Men :- Rhys - 5th : Neil - 9th.
M40:- Spyke - 6th.
M45:- Spyke - 3rd.
M50:- Spyke - 2nd : Steve Bell - 10th.
M60:- Keith - 5th=
M65:- DT - 6th=

WU23 - Anna - 2nd : Ellie - 3rd. Final positions, so congratulations to both.
W40 - Judith - 5th : Nicky - 6th : Helen - 8th.
W45 - Judith - 1st= : Nicky - 4th .
W50 - Judith - 2nd=

Two Championship races remaining, Merrick for the British and Langdale for the English.

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posted by DaveT on 13th Aug 2016

Pendle Three Peaks - English AM Championship.

Ladies Results. It looks to me like second Seniors Team, after Calder Valley, and first V40 team. Champions?
Men's results. Seniors just behind Keswick : V40 - too hard for me to add up : V50 - no need to add up?

A windy, wet trip around Pendle, the first part seemed to cover much of Pendle Cloughs, and the later bits were much the same as The Tour, with those same three strong climbs. Spyke finally admitted to being 1st MV50, John Hunt looks to be suitably recovered, Judith decided to match whatever the other half can do, Nicky walked out for something, Anna is first U23 ..... and then our driver was away for Burnsall....Results will be soon.
As for teams, the Ladies will be strongly in the mix, the men are close to Keswick, but not close enough. MV50 may well be Champions.
As it should be, Langdale is crunch. Then the final British race at Merrick, and the two Relays.

Merrick - the final, crunch British Championship race., 17th September. I've actually got around to looking at the route map, what a cracker!

Many, many congratulations to our two Bingley runners!

Sierre Zinal:- results. They take some interpreting, far beyond my understanding, so please let us know if you've been ignored. Pete Davies finished in 3.24.26, he might be 78th, and apologies for ignoring Tom Saville, 70th in 3.15.11.

Peak District Challenge Events :
Burnsall - results
Great Urban Fell Race :
Weasdale : - results.
Lakeland Country Fair :- results.
Trunce 8 - results.
Shipman Knotts - results.
Ragleth Inn - results.
Pilsley- results. No clubs seem to be listed, so if you're not on DPFR results, please let us know...

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posted by DaveT on 8th Aug 2016

If you enjoyed being in Borrowdale ? Here is the opportunity to walk to the race next year, accompanied by a flock of hefted sheep. We just need enough club funds to be buying Thorneythwaite Farm

Two Hill Forts - Clwydian Hills. results.
Teggs Nose:- results.
Sedbergh Hills :-results

Monday - Summer Series 11. BIrchin.

Round Latrigg - results.

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posted by DaveT on 30th Jul 2016

Results from Trunce 7
from Osmotherley Show
from Round Hill. Just a pleasant, runnable course around the moors north of Otley. good if you don't live that far away...
from Tours of Bradwell
from Borrowdale

Saturday:- Borrowdale. English Championship. Thanks to the many representing, I seem to have avoided several runners at the Sty Head Cafe . Right to congratulate the Ladies, 2nd Team and similar? For the Vets Team? Judith was first in her category, Nicky walked out for something. And suggest that all the men's teams are banking on Langdale - to be hoped that everybody and everybody has got their entry in....Rhys was 5th, Nell was 13th, Spyke wax 3rd V50 (in a rather competitive age group..) andKeith in the prizes. Just a bit chilly if ever you were waiting around, but clear and dry.

Two weeks now until the next English, Pendleton Three Peaks.

James' Thorn.
Ravenscar Rumble - this must be right scenic...
Eccles Pike :- results.
Steel Fell - results,
Ricky's Race : - results
Denis Stitt Memorial - results.

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posted by DaveT on 16th Aug 2016

No team results as yet...

MU23 - Tom - 1st : Matt Elkington - 2nd.
Senior Men:- Rhys - 2nd : Neil - 6th.
M40:- Spyke - 3rd.
M45 - Spyke - 2nd.
M50 - Spyke - 2nd : Steve Bell - 9th=
M55 - Keith - 10th.
M60 - Keith - 4th=
M65 - DT - 10th

WU23 - Anna - 2nd
W40 - Judith - 5th : Nicky - 8th : Helen - 9th=
W45 - Judith - 1st= : Nicky - 5th : Nicola - 8th
W50 - Judith - 7th=

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