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Round Rotherham Run
Helen Elmore commented on
Round Rotherham Run
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Final English Championships
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Week from 18th/19th August 2018
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Weekend 10th/11th March 2018

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New Photos

posted by DaveT on 5th Feb 2019

Stretton Hills - Championship. No sign of entries just yet, but here is a route description, and a map. All the more reason to be partaking of the Carshare League this weekend....

"An Organisers plea to all of you" - this link , within the report from Mercia's Cannock Chase Trig Points Race, is worth a read, and the crunch importance of filling in the registration entry form accurately, and of making your number, pinned on where required, easily readable to any marshals.

Winter Half Tour of Bradwell:- Results. A most welcome report from Greg...”Storm force winds on the tops and heavy rain were promised but didn’t really materialise for the race but the short course was never really a consideration with the high points on the course being visited only briefly. A slight change to the finish of the route meant that this ‘not to be under-estimated 16 miler’ was in fact just short of 18 miles with an extra big climb just before the finish. The route change went down well, certainly with the Dark Peak contingent, first 3 men (well done Adam, Craig and Tom), Helen clocking in for a prize along with Mike Nolan (first V50) and Jane Crowson (first LV50). The consensus after the event was the last climb was a worthy addition to an already fine route and that the rolls and soups were mighty good. Same second Saturday in Feb next year, thanks.

Long Mynd Valleys:- the next Carshare league counter….Results. a most impressive turnout here, Carshare League points being a decisive factor, no doubt. Tom just missing out by six seconds, closely followed by a most strong pack, and Dave Allen enters the ancient's category with success....

Rogaine 2 – Cutthroat Bridge:-
Doctor’s Gate:- Results.

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posted by DaveT on 28th Jan 2019

Margery Hill:-
Stybarrow Dodd:- Results.
Wadsworth Trog:- Results.

Runners and Riders – a new Wharfedale race, for Ted Mason’s 40th birthday. Bikes and runners set off together. Hopefully a return for Carshare….but not yet driving....And it was a gem of a race. Bikes and runners set off up the hillside, rolled around the top lands in the lying snow, to find a ravine, and then back down the hillside to finish. Results.

Rombalds Stride – the traditional first long event up here, around Ilkley Moor….
Mickleden Straddle:- Results.
Kong Mini MM – from Capel Curig - Results.

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posted by DaveT on 22nd Jan 2019

Blakes Heaven- results.

Northern Cross Country Championships - at Pontefract - Results . But you'll be needing to wade through these for yourself...

Tigger Tor:- Results
Birkrigg Common

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posted by DaveT on 14th Jan 2019

Mam Tor:-

The Spine. Lots to be following here, Jasmin has done well, , and Steven Jones has safely finished. Enormous respect to everyone out there.

Hoofstones – Carshare League. News eagerly awaited, and is now on DPFR results. Results.

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posted by DaveT on 8th Jan 2019

The Spine sets off on Sunday, up to Kirk Yetholme, and the Spine Challenger, to Hawes, on the Saturday. Us lesser mortals can be following it all with stuff on the website, and our DPFR participants

Ashurst Beacon:-results
Clough Head:- results.

Trigger:- results.
Stanbury Splash:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 1st Jan 2019

Saturday - Burbage Nutters.

Commondale Clart:-
Scout Scar:-
Y.H.A. King of the Castle:-

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posted by DaveT on 27th Dec 2018

So into a New Year, with very best wishes from Carshare, for whatever our hopes should be.

Jubilee Plunge - report and results. Looks to be a mad downhill hurtle in the Clwydian Hills.

Bradfield Boundary Run:-
Moz's Birthday Run:-

Auld Lang Syne:- Results.
Wormstones:- Results.
Tour of Llyn Llydaw:-
Captain Cooks Races:- Results.
Nine Standards:- Results.

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posted by DaveT on 18th Dec 2018

Sunday .
Crookstone Crashout:-

Grindleford Café Run:-
Boxing Day Bogtrot:-
Totley Two Turtle Doves - Results.
Whinberry Naze:-

Wansfell:- a simple race, start in Ambleside, round the top and get back down. Short, sharp and hard effort indeed. Although only AS, full kit was required, understandably, and so a reminder that we takes the lot to each and every race. Results.

Guisborough Woods:- Results.

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posted by DaveT on 11th Dec 2018

Bradfield Christmas Score:-
Stile End – Kong Winter Series:- Results.
Tour de Helvellyn:-

The Stoop - relatively benign conditions today above Haworth, not too cold and little wind. Plenty of sinking bogs around, though nowhere near as wet as sometimes it is...Results.

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posted by DaveT on 4th Dec 2018

DPFR – Three Tops:-

Sunday .
Litton Christmas Cracker:-
Shittern Santa Saunter:-
Simonside Cairns:-
Peak Raid – Round 4 :- Baslow. Results.

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posted by DaveT on 27th Nov 2018

Results For Gravy Pud.

Results For Cardington Cracker

Hexhamshire Hobble:-

Carshare has delivered Christmas presents, over in Zurich….and the e-mail is now email , please.

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posted by DaveT on 20th Nov 2018

Kirkby Moor:- results.

David Staff Memorial -results...with a bit of fiddling around...
Warts Revenge:-
Kong Mini MM – Round 4:- from Hathersage. Provisional Results.

Lee Mill Relay:- can't just be seeing any official teams there, Results, but some familiar club names lining up...

Please would anyone use the new e-mail address, which is email , (if it actually gets to be working...)

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posted by DaveT on 13th Nov 2018

Club Championships, and Club Dinner.
Harriers v Cyclists.- results.
Two Riggs – Kong Winter Series 1. Results. and a most welcome return from Joe, after injury.
Penmaenmawr - results.

Tour of Pendle. Relatively benign conditions on Pendle, apparently a bit colder up the tops. Clear, quite dry underfoot. A nasty foot injury when someone trod on some kind of metal spike high up on the hillside. Some regular familiar faces passing through the CP, all but some few with the number pinned helpfully...Results.

Arnside Knott:- results.
Peak Raid Round 3 – from Glossop. Results.

Litton Birks Loop – an appealing new race from Litton, the Litton up in Wharfedale. And it was some excellent new race, starting up a relentless slog, into a flat moorland boggy loop around the trig and a moorland tarn, and back down again. A long way to come from the Peak, but surely the organiser's B&B would suit perfectly...Results.

Wrekin Wrecker:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 6th Nov 2018

FRA Presentation Night – in Ilkley, hosted by Pudsey. Well, everything was collected, so a little bit of asking around should make sure that everyone gets their medals.....
A host venue needed for next year, it seems.

Ilkley Afternoon Race – a suitable, sharp course here, effectively two laps of the long-established Badger Stone Relays. These Relays are named after the tragic death of Will Ramsbottom, a while back, who was a talented Pudsey runner.

Dunnerdale:- results.
Leg it Round Lathkil - results.
Roaches:- Results.

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posted by DaveT on 30th Oct 2018

Lee Mill Relay - 25th November. This is a good event, from Rossendale. 4 individual legs, all the same, not high powered like the traditional autumn relays, and over a strong fell course . It might? be well worth putting out a strong set of Seniors Teams, but after that there may be a case for anyone else who wants to run getting themselves sorted into teams of matching abilities...Might someone be taking on a role of sorting out?

Grisedale Horseshoe - results.

Cop Hill:- results.
Peak Raid – Round 2:- Goyt Valley. Results. A most impressive club turnout here...
Saltergate Gallows:- results.

Friday - Really Wild Boar Night Race.

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posted by DaveT on 23rd Oct 2018

OMM - Around the Black Mountains. Results. And some good ones in there...

Snowdonia Marathon - regular visitor is John Hunt, 34th and 2nd M50. Anyone else there? Results.

Sunday .
Grin and Bear It:- results are lurking somewhere within Facebook...
Bronte Way – a scenic linear route to Keighley. Results.

Gormire Gamble – N.Y.Moors from Sutton Bank. A pleasant enough wander around the muddy woods and pond below Sutton Bank, with a strong climb at the end from the bottom to the top....
Results - and a good first place for Chris Vanderhoven.

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posted by DaveT on 15th Oct 2018

British Relay Championships – hosted by Ambleside, all from Grasmere. Results. On a quick look, Senior Women - 7th : WV40 - 1st : Senior Men - 5th : Senior Men "B" - need help to count it out... : MV40 - 5th : MV50 - 1st :

Leg 3 Nav Leg Map - not for the faint-hearted...

A big , most deserved thanks to Ambleside for excellent effort and organisation , and to team organisers, getting it all sorted out, and to everyone prepared to commit to running.
Rather nasty conditions at times, drizzle throughout, with very slippy rocks and grass, and a good dose of clag, which saw the demise of certain hopeful clubs.
And so to, as ever, next year, and get the date in the diary with red letters...
There is, of course, the Lee Mill Relay, in Rossendale, November 25th, which is more open to anyone getting a team together.

Wirksworth Undulator:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 19th Oct 2018

Final Positions.

Those completing the Lakeland Classics Series this year are:-
Rhys – 1st : Pete Davies – 2nd : John Hunt – 11th (2nd V50) : Dave Lund – 14th : Dave Sykes – 24th : Nicky – 29th (5th W and 1st W40, W50).
Team – 2nd – a distinctly closeable gap of 0.6 points on Borrowdale.

All-time list of completions.

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posted by DaveT on 9th Oct 2018

Langdale- final Carshare League Counter, and also the final event in this Lakes Grand Prix. Remembering that Great Lakes Run, Carshare kept well clear, as for me it was potential trouble. Conditions appear to have been rough, needing to go around Stickle Tarn, as the outlet stream was in spate. Cut-off times were tightened, as a safety valve for the marshals. Results.
A lot of strong, safe (we hope...) trips round here, and a notable Classic win for Rhys.

Go Big Moor:- Results. No clubs are listed, so please let us know if you've been missed off...
Windgather:- results.
Rombalds Romp – should anyone want a trip around Ilkley Moor….A decent enough wander around the Moor, forever raining, and for some of us bit more wandering than was needed...results.

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posted by DaveT on 12th Oct 2018

Full credit to Judith for all this, no easy task...

"A few dates for next years calendar. Not completely official until they appear in next years Handbook.

Championship Races 2019

17th March – E – AS Stretton Hills (2).
6th April – E- AL Howgills race.
27th April – B- AM The Mourn Highline. Ireland.
11th May – Inter-Counties. (TBC)
25th May – B- AM Ras Y Moelwyn. Wales.
15th June –B&E- AL Great Lakes Race.
6th July – E- AM . Black Fell - (Kettlewell, and a right masterpiece...)
1st August –B- AS Creag Dhubh. Scotland.
7th September – E – AM - Derek Prince Memorial Grisedale Horseshoe.
21st Sept – E- AS Ilam.

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posted by DaveT on 9th Oct 2018

Is on Saturday 10th November, in Ilkley.
For once, all the individual and team medallists are listed on the main FRA website, , so well worth a check to avoid any mistakes.

Hopefully plenty will be along, and get all the medals correctly collected. Once again, if anyone is holding John Hunt's medals from last year, please have a look for them...

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posted by DaveT on 2nd Oct 2018

Hodgson Brothers Relay. From Patterdale. Results. Senior Men - 5th : MVets - 2nd : Women - 4th. Deceptively warm lower down in Patterdale, but very windy up high, cold and a bit of mist lingering around. At least it was dry, the weather setting in later in the day. A dominant Keswick men's team, having the fastest pair on each Leg

Curbar Commotion - Results.

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posted by DaveT on 24th Sep 2018

ROC Mountain Marathon - Results. Northern Lakes, above Keswick. Plenty to be sifting through here..

Results for Peris Horseshoe. A bit chilly up high, but dry and likely as good as it gets. Clear, but my intricate line off Glyder Fawr wandered all over the hillside. A very good club turnout for this classic course, and not to ignore the excellent Half Peris. No doubt Jim will elucidate further.

Fell 'n Back - results.

FRA Night -details. Saturday 10th November, in Ilkley, organised by Pusey and Bramley. With plenty of things to be awarded, to be hoped we can be well represented. Earlier we have the treat of a race around Ilkley Moor, and earlier still is the doubling up, with the Burley Moor Run

Groovy Kinder Love – another new race, and a strong AL Hayfield course. And with a 10.15am early start for anyone worried about the cut-off times. Results.

Eskdale Show:-
Lockton Limping – N.Y.Moors. - Results.

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posted by DaveT on 18th Sep 2018

Fallfest – might get a visit for a newish Keighley venue.. And it was a most pleasant trip along the top of Earl Crag, above Cowling. Results.

Peak District Challenge events:-
Grindsbrook Circle runs:-
Elidir Fawr:-
Chelmorton Chase:- Results.

English Schools Championships – from Giggleswick. Results.

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posted by DaveT on 19th Sep 2018

Final English Championships. Please help out if I’ve got stuff wrong!

FRA Link.

For the MV60 and W50 teams, the tables have been filled in, but it is clearly stated that there must be 4 teams completing enough counting races.
Senior Women:- Majicka – 11th :
WU23:- Ellie – 3rd=.
WV40:- Helen – 4th=
WV45:- Helen – 3rd= : Alison – 10th=
WV50:-Nicky –5th:
WV55:- Jane – 7th..

MU23:-– Max – 1st= : Nathan 4th :
MV45:- Spyke – 7th.
MV50:- Spyke – 4th: John Hunt – 9th .
MV65:- DT – 8th.
MV70- DT – 3rd.

Senior Women – 4th.
WV50 – 4th=

Edale – ( E ) , Buttermere – (B) , Turner Landscape (T), Cautley – (C) , Kates Race – (K)
Senior Men:- 2nd. Counting races are Edale, Buttermere, Turner Landscape, Cautley.
Counting runners are Duncan (E) , Tom (E) , Nathan (E) , Pete Davies ( E ) , Ben ( E ), Rhys (B), Josh (B) , John Hunt (B), Rob – (T)

MV40:- 4th

MV50:- 2nd . Counting races are Edale, Buttermere. Kates Race, Cautley. Counting runners are Spyke – (E) , John Hunt ( E ), Mike Nolan ( E ), Dave Taylor – (B), Andy Dickenson (B), Jon Morgan (K), Steve Bell (C)

MV60 – 2nd.

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