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From the Photos page

posted by DaveT on 5th Mar 2016

DPFR News - there is a most regrettable omission on Pages 4/5, of Achievements. How could we possibly ignore (I put it down to my senility..) Joe Blackett's placing of 1st MV50 in the BOFRA Championships, and especially the huge amount of travelling and committment involved.

Black Combe - English Championship 1 - results Well! The clag was down, and many runners seem to have gone badly astray. Reaching the CP after White Combe has caused problems, as also has the line off the final CP. Ben Mounsey was first, then Kris Jones and Rhys. Tom Brunt - 3rd MV40 - and Tom Saville - 2nd MU23- counted to take 1st team, ..Not a clue about the V40 team, but V50's were strong, Dave Taylor - 2nd MV50 - , Stephen Pyke - 3rd MV50 - and Joe, with Steve Bell getting in amongst any other counters.
For the Ladies, Victoria Wilkinson was far ahead, but we only seem to have Kirsty and Ellie - well up in the LU23 group - running.
Any better news most gratefully needed..

.Ultra Running Blog - those with sharp eyes will have noticed that, within the "Members" heading, is the place for any of these long, long things that people are doing. So please send any news through, whatever it may be...

Haworth Hobble:- results .Apologies for missing Peter Eccleston off the results, should be getting sorted out.
Edale Skyline, and not to be forgetting Don Morrison.
Cautley Spout - Kendal Winter League

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posted by DaveT on 27th Feb 2016

Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round:- results
Bluebell 1- Belper - results
Cloud Nine:- results
Ian Roberts Memorial:- results

Tuesday - Sedbergh 3 Peaks:-

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posted by DaveT on 21st Feb 2016

High Cup Nick:- Carshare League 2. News eagerly awaited...
Not the National:-
National Cross Country - Donington Park, results.. - plenty of familiar names lurking within...
Hope Winter:- results

15 Trigs:- a reminder that anything you've been doing can get a mention on Carshare.
Adam Micklethwaite "had a go yesterday. 14h20m, so not particularly fast by the look of some times, but a great day out and a fantastic route. Didn't know if I was supposed to let someone at DPFR know for the record. If not, well at least I've shared it with somebody!"

Wolf's Pit:- "The Nottinghamshire County Fell Running Championships are on 20th March 2016, hosted by Wolf's Pit fell race. Full details from the Notts AAA homepage
Qualification is by birth in Nottinghamshire or resident in that county for the last 9 months.
Many individual age category medals; team categories for men and women with 3 runners of any age required. Team Dark Peak usually collect individual and team medals and it would be great to continue with the success we've enjoyed in the past.
I'll (Dicky Wilkinson) be organising the champs again on behalf of Notts AAA."

Glencoe Skyline on TV:-
Dave Sykes sends:- "I'm due on the adventure show tonight, Sunday 21st Feb,18.20 BBC2 Scotland. I'm not sure if this can be seen live on iplayer or whether it will have to be seen a couple of hours after screening. I've not seen it so can't comment on the quality or quantity. It follows me round the Glencoe skyline last August and looks at the psychology of enjoyment and performance." - Search for "Adventure Show" in the iPlayer to see it, will be available for 30 days - Dave's piece starts at 17 minutes in.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Tuesday 1st March 2016 at 2:21am
posted by DaveT on 23rd Feb 2016

If anyone going to the Sportman this Wednesday could pick up the Landmarks race results from the hut and get them to John Dalton or Willy Kitchen, either electronically or physically it would be much appreciated.


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posted by DaveT on 7th Feb 2016

New Chew:- results
Glaisdale Rigg:- results . Four runners up there, getting popular?
Ilkley Moor - results.:- Jack Foxall "was the only brown vest braving the wind to put in a very average performance at the Ilkley Moor fell race . Although there was a lot more brown clothing following the usual mudslide to the finish. A cracking route making the most of the steep ground at the edge of the moor"

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posted by DaveT on 7th Feb 2016

Not much seems to have happened?

But there is Parbold Hill Race - results , where John Hunt is 4th, 46mins 23s.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Thursday 18th February 2016 at 2:21am
posted by DaveT on 31st Jan 2016

To be hoped all those early February entries are entered....

Wadsworth Trog:- results
Rombalds Stride - a long wander over Ilkley Moor.
Margery Hill:-
RAB Mini MM - Round 1 ;- from Totley. results
Long Mynd Valleys:- results
Charnwood Hills:- results
Mickleden Straddle:- results

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Tuesday 9th February 2016 at 2:21am
posted by DaveT on 24th Jan 2016

Tigger Tor - Roger Baumeister asks:- "Can the runner who collected my flask at the Tigger Tor on Sunday from Colin White please email me to arrange handover."

Monday, 1st February - entries come along for Three Peaks, Edale, and Ben Nevis....

Northern Cross Country - in Witton Park, Blackburn. results

Longshaw Orienteering . DVO are organising an orienteering event at Longshaw with challenges on Saturday 20th Feb. DPFR members may be interested. 60 minutes to be scoring as much as you can.
And also the National Trust at Longshaw do this monthly 10km run , rather like a parkrun, which seems a most commendable idea. Next looks to be Sunday 28th February.

Marmot Dark Mountains MM -
Kinder Trial:- results ,after the debacle of last year's Skyline, how apt that Tom Brunt and Kirsty reap the spoils from over there........
Tigger Tor:- results. Simon Dixon is listed as finishing 30th and 74th, likely it will get sorted out. As Willy explains, "There are indeed two DP Simon Dixons, The one with a middle initial (when he owns up to it) is the quicker of the two; when he doesn't Winter Mondays Simon D is always happy to claim his points for himself."
Birkrigg Common - Kendal Winter League.

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posted by DaveT on 17th Jan 2016

Ashurst Beacon - somewhere in Lancashire results . The "same procedure as every year", as John Hunt finds his way there, and stuffs all the other Vet hopefuls. .
Blake's Heaven - results.
Lamb's Longer Leg:- results
Mercia Hill Trial - results

Permalink | Closed to new comments (1) | Last updated on Tuesday 2nd February 2016 at 1:15pm
posted by DaveT on 9th Jan 2016

Stanbury Splash - the start of 2016 Carshare League. results
Good to welcome visitors to the many and varied delights of Penistone Hill. The course was altered to the shorter Stoop course, which provided the expected pleasures of ice, snow, sinking bogs and holes to fall in. Results coming in due course. Could Jim please inform Rose not to chortle when she comes hurtling past me next time?
Next race is High Cup Nick, 27th Feb, and if you've not done that area, above Dufton, it can't be recommended highly enough. The Nick is an impostor for Kinder Downfall, but still highly impressive. Then it's the Pennine Way to head for the finish. A right good preparation for Black Combe.
Carshare might be looking for an A1 meeting, somewhere.

Ireland - British Championships. Saturday 9th April.
Carshare is secretly plotting an assault on the Carshare League, and has booked flights for Ireland - from Leeds/Bradford. Please let me know if you book flights, etc, and I can sort out a list of who is doing what. Any ideas on booking accommodation? We've booked B/B.

Details A completely excellent course, from Donard Park in Newcastle. Muchly the long established Donard-Commedagh course, which has often been Championship, but now with a variation around the back of Commedagh. For once, no worry about entries, needed before late March, with no limit.
And being part of the Carshare League, what more incentive could there be to be joining in the excitement. A compass can sometimes help out.

Giggleswick School - Kendal Winter League

Permalink | Closed to new comments (1) | Last updated on Tuesday 19th January 2016 at 2:40am
posted by DaveT on 3rd Jan 2016

Ireland - time to be booking those flights...And it's some good weekend. I'll get round to making a list as to who is flying from where, etc, to sort out car hire.

Kinder Downfall - entries can go in. Limit of 300.

The Spine starts on Saturday at Edale, going to Hawes, or that bit further to Kirk Yetholm.

Saturday - Yorksire Cross Country - Lightwater Valley, Ripon. .results . But you'll need to be looking for yourself as to who was running..

The Trigger:- results
YHA "King of the Castle" - in Borrowdale.

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posted by DaveT on 30th Dec 2015

It's another year, and appropriate good wishes from Carshare to everybody, for whatever may be longed for.

Ireland British Championships. Saturday 9th April.
details A completely excellent course, from Donard Park in Newcastle. Muchly the long established Donard-Commedagh course, which has often been Championship, but now with a variation around the back of Commedagh. For once, no worry about entries, needed before late March, with no limit.
And being part of the Carshare League, what more incentive could there be to be joining in the excitement. A compass can sometimes help out.

Auld Lang Syne:- results
Padley Skyline:-
Moz's Birthday Run:-
Hunshelf Amble:- results.

Coming along soon. Sunday 17th Jan is the start of 2016 Carshare League, and that's Stanbury Splash. If you've not done one of Dave Woodhead's (MBE, don't forget..) races, they are character building. This is the longest, best of the courses, inevitably needing the shoes to be fastened tight. There is an art to parking, just ask if any help is needed. For the prize giving, nothing is remotely like it. Plus a free Malt Loaf thrown in for good value.

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posted by DaveT on 20th Dec 2015

Very best of wishes from Carshare, to everyone for a most enjoyable time over these next few days.

Boxing Day Bogtrot:-
Chevin Chase:- around Otley Chevin.results (maybe someone was there?). Looks to have revived memories of that Great Lakes Run, without the stream crossings. Notable runners either couldn't get, or kept well clear. Carshare wasn't even spectating. The River Wharfe was higher than a few weeks back, no doubt flowing full power through the allotment once more. But so many others have awful real concerns.

Up theNab - results .Maybe it was too short a race for John Boyle, who finished 28th as a V45, then had his birthday and ran round again, finishing 77th as a V50. Is anyone having a clarification, please?

Bradfield Christmas Trees:-
Bradfield Boundary Run:-

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posted by DaveT on 13th Dec 2015

Star Wars in the Lake District:- this clip shows how Derwentwater, etc, have been used in the new Star Wars film, with Storm Troopers attacking the likes of Keswick....

Really Wild Boar - results
Tour de Helvellyn - results
Crookstone Crashout:-
The Stoop - results . back to those bleakest of Haworth quarries and moorland bogs. The heatwave hadn't reached Penistone Hill, windy, cold standing around, but decent enough once we got going. Extremely sludgy and sinkable, it's usually much worse.

Lakeland Classics - 2016. Details are on P61 of the Calendar .Two of the Super Long races are needed, Wasdale, Duddon, Ennerdale and Buttermere Horseshoe, and one more - the Long Races being Borrowdale and Three Shires . No Langdale this year.

Found on Twitter - a short video of Ben Abdelnoor - - note the interesting comment at about 2:50 in "fell runners tend not to have a lot of body fat, and an awful lot of clothes, and, some would say, not an awful lot of common sense". How true :)

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Thursday 24th December 2015 at 2:21pm
posted by DaveT on 6th Dec 2015


"Men's Health" - our literary correspondent reports:- "get a copy of the Jan/Feb Men's Health and look at the article "49 Best Fitness Classes For Men in 2016". Somewhere around no. 34 is "Warting with Dark Peak" with a description that makes you lads sound like the finest physical specimens in the country (which of course you are)."
In an attempt to conduct further research, Carshare had a sneaky look in W H Smiths, but alas, the magazine was sneak-proof. Can someone please enlighten us, or supply this essential document?
Thanks to Loxley for this. The Brownlees will be pleased to be recognised as Honorary Warts, methinks.

Litton Christmas Cracker;- results
Peak Raid 3 - Round 4 - results. - Crowden -
Peak Raid Overall-Results
-Richard Hunt just pipped Lewis to club honours, by turning in a good result at the last event. Although Mike Sprot & Richard Guillaume are actually DPFR members , but were too shy to admit it. Debbie Smith won the FV40 trophy.

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posted by DaveT on 25th Nov 2015

Old Fellrunner Magazines:- Clive Last has a number of old Fell Runner magazines. Rather than just putting them in recycling, would anyone be wanting them? Best be contacting Clive, or email

Christmas Competition? Any suggestions forthcoming?

Three Tops - DPFR event.
Frostbite30 . This is a long thingy, 35miles, or not far off, around Nidderdale. I've not found the full results just yet, but Sally Fawcett was first Lady back.
Hexhamshire Hobble:-
Cardington Cracker - results
Gravy Pud:- results
Hayfield Santa Dash:- results
Eskdale Eureka - N.Y.Moors - results

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Tuesday 8th December 2015 at 1:23pm
posted by DaveT on 22nd Nov 2015

Jura Entries - are open from Tuesday, 1st December.

Club Championships:-
Kirby Moor:- results.
Lee Mills Relay - Rossendale. Maybe next year?
RAB MMM - Round 4:- Saddleworth.- results.

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posted by DaveT on 16th Nov 2015

New Eiger Nordwand record - the Youtube clip shows Ueli Steck getting up in 2hrs 22mins, this November.

The Trigger:- nothing like getting going early, is there? Sam Williams asks:- "Already put this out there on DPFR Facebook page but thought it'd be worth posting here too. Looking to arrange liftshare for Trigger (Marsden to Edale) in January. If anyone is keen, do get in touch ( email , comment, Facebook). Happy to put in money towards minibus (I'd offer to arrange but not local to city) from Sheffield or liftshare from Sheffield area/Notts/Derbyshire borderlands. Cheers, Sam"

Sale Fell - Mike has kindly sent the results for this local race, the top end of Bassenthwaite, finishing th, in 27.46. "There are no age categories but it was good to see a lad of about 17 or 18 winning, shortly ahead of his dad."

FRA Presentation Night - at Grasmere:-
Badger Bar Blast - results
Harriers v Cyclists - results. We appear to have a mystery runner, as "Joseph" has finished 99th, in 48.19. If the secret individual could enlighten us, please?
Clowne Half Marathon - results.

Peak Raid 3 - Round 3.-results "The Grindleford round of Richard Patton's Peak raid series was another well organised affair. It was a gloriously sunny, but distinctly chilly start. the race map re-used some of the area from last year's Totley round and added some more, but managed to produce a wholly different set
of choices. There was a lot of fast running to be had, despite the challenging terrain that characterises much of Big Moor. At the sharp end, there were a few teams that cleared all controls. Only one of whom
kept all of their points in the final reckoning. It was notable that many of our repeat offenders on the
coming-back-late-and-losing-all-your-points front were more canny on this occasion. Of the notable performances, Peter Gorvett put in an outstanding run to come in 12th over all. It is believed (but
unconfirmed) that he didn't quite get round to stopping in at home for a cuppa, despite it being on the map. The final round is at Crowden on 13th December."

Wrekin Wrecker:- results

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posted by DaveT on 8th Nov 2015

Tour of Pendle - results
Rightly, given the conditions and the forecast, the esteemed organiser devised a shorter course, which still had plenty packed in it. The first time that the race has been shortened. By the time the rain really set in, most runners were home, whereas had it been the full course, several people would have been tired, cold and wet, and crossing Pendle top, in the clag..
Sally Fawcett was first Lady, Nicky got a prize for something, as did David Lund and Keith.
Good to meet up with several new faces.

Complaints about Willy? I received a most welcome torrent of abuse on the road out, well appreciated, but did he creep past quietly at CP9? Are you losing your touch? You'll need to take lessons from Lewis?
Apologies accepted - see Comments.

Thanks to everyone showing their number correctly : it may seem trivial, but trying to write down a number pinned to the back of a rucsac is no help to a marshal whatsover.
With CP9 being so near the end, I didn't put supplies out, and wot shal I be doing with 108 Jaffa Cakes?

Warts Revenge:-
Saltergate Gallows - N.Y.Moors.

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posted by DaveT on 2nd Nov 2015

The Pain Barrier:- 24th October. This seems to be a 10km "race", at Tong, between Bradford and Leeds. "The Pain Barrier at Parkwood is a 10km mud race set amongst 100 acres of off road wood and parkland. The course twists and turns across a variety of terrain so you'll find yourself running along muddy tracks and open fields, through woodland, across ponds and water obstacles and tackling steep hills and ravines."
In 56mins 39secs, first home is Kris Groom:- "It is a fully taped 10k race on a Land Rover driving centre, crossing various marshes, streams, ravines, and muddy-water filled dips and ruts. It is run by Neil Northrop and Pete Hodges and was great fun!"

Lakeland 100 - was a good while back, in July. Please let us know if you're doing events that are off the radar for poor Carshare. This looks like 100 miles around The Lakes. Kirk Hardwick was round, in 26hrs 36mins 50 secs.
Lakeland 50 results are already on DPFR results.

Roaches:- results
Leg it Round Lathkil:- results.

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posted by DaveT on 19th Oct 2015

Several races seem destined for English and British Championships next year, but best to wait until official confirmation. Details are continually being updated on the FRA website calendar, under Events, etc.These won't be that far off...

Cwm Pennant Horseshoe, AL, - Saturday 11th June.
Sedbergh Sports. AS. - Saturday 9th July.(not 16th)
Merrick , AM, Saturday 17th September. (but not confirmed Championship status on the FRA website, so....)
Ireland - Saturday 9th April.(not on FRA website). Was it mentioned to be a variant on the original Donard-Commedagh?

Up the Nab - (Charlesworth) ,AS, Saturday 7th May.
Black Combe. AM - Saturday 12th March.
Sedbergh Sports. AS. - Saturday 9th July.(not 16th)
Borrowdale, AL - Saturday 6th August.
Pendle 3 Peaks, AM, - Saturday 20th August,
Langdale, AL, - Saturday 8th October.

Lakeland Classics - what some big, big initiative - Darren Holloway Memorial - (Buttermere Horseshoe), is listed as being part of next year's series. 25th June.

Ian Hodgson and UKA Relays (Luss, Loch Lomond) - in their traditional slots, first and third weekends of October.

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posted by DaveT on 25th Oct 2015

Dusk 'til Dawn. "The races starts and at finishes in Buxton at 16:47. All hope will be abandoned soon after you leave Buxton, and you will have exactly 14 hours and 13 minutes to navigate a very challenging 13, 26 or 50 mile Peak District course, that takes in The Cat and Fiddle, Shining Tor, Cat's Tor, and on some courses follows parts of the Limestone Way."
Steven Jones ventured forth:- "Joint 1st - Dean Oldfield, and Stephen Marks, 9 hours 22 minutes
47 seconds. I was 14 hours 10 minutes 33 seconds, 82 starters, quite a few didn't finish.
It was a 50 mile run around Buxton taking in about 2,700m of ascent and descent and passing Shining Tor, Taxal Moor, Rushup Edge, Mam Tor, Lose Hill, Hope, Castleton, Cave Dale, the Limestone Way, Miller's Day, Earl Sterndale and Axe Edge Moor. The route takes in some splendid countryside and scenery but of course being a night run from dusk until dawn and in darkness the views were mostly restricted to the ability of your head torch. However, from Mam Tor to Lose Hill the moon and stars were out on the clear night illuminating an inversion with clouds covering the Hope and Edale valleys while the summits were perfectly clear. A nice well organised event running 50 miles before breakfast on Sunday."

Grin and Bear it:- results
Cop Hill:- results.
Gisborough Moors:- results
Peak Raid 3 - Round 2:-Old Glossop . results.:- No clubs are listed, so please get in touch if you've been missed off DPFR results.

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posted by DaveT on 18th Oct 2015

Buttermere Shepherd's Meet:- results
OMM - Tweedsmuir. results . There may well be people missing off DPFR results, so please let us know about any mistakes. There seem to be plenty of retirements? A bit damp?
Snowdonia Marathon - results. Anyone needing a mention?

Bronte Way - results. a linear trip across from Wycoller to Haworth.

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Tuesday 27th October 2015 at 7:20am
posted by DaveT on 19th Oct 2015

The trophy is successfully retained. Results .

Winner is Ricky Lightfoot.
Tom Brunt - 6th, 2nd MV40 :
John Hunt - 9th, 3rd MV40 :
David Lund - 13th :
Judith - 20th, 2nd Lady, 1st LV40 :
Dave Sykes - 21st :
Nicky - 22nd, 3rd Lady , 2nd LV40 :
Ashley - 34th, 3rd MV50 :
Keith - 38th, 1st MV60 :
Clare Oliffe - 52nd :
Jim Paxman - 67th

All-time list of Lakeland Classics completions.

The Lakeland Classics Series began in 2002, its purpose was to instigate support for the dwindling number of entrants at the longer Lakeland races, specifically Duddon, Wasdale, Ennerdale and Dockray Helvellyn. Two of these Long Races were required.
Then one from the Short Races - Borrowdale, Langdale and Three Shires.
With the sad demise of Dockray Helvellyn, Borrowdale moved into the Long Races.

Though most worthy courses, Borrowdale, Langdale and Three Shires are very popular, and need little support from the Series. Buttermere Horsehoe, if included in the Series, will really benefit. It remains to be seen where it fits in - maybe Great Lakes Run could also be used, and ditch one/some of the short popular races?
Food for thought, nothing more...

Permalink | Closed to new comments | Last updated on Monday 19th October 2015 at 1:44pm
posted by DaveT on 11th Oct 2015

Peak Raid 3 - Round 1, from Edale.results
"This was another well organised event from Richard Patton. The map area from last year had been extended, to give a totally different set of challenges. The key to route choice seemed to be joining up the two obvious map sectors to the east and west of the event centre. There was good route choice to be had and a mix of control placement, some being straightforward, others being less so. The weather was less than helpful, with thick mist shrouding the top half of Kinder. Richard Hunt was in his consistent good form for these events. Taking club honours with a high scoring 3rd place. There were a number of new faces from the club, doing their first score event. Tim Rutter (5th) being notable amongst them. More than a few people fell foul of the harsh penalties for late return. Rose Paxman took strange delight in being a Vet for the day - able assisted in the matter by her father."
DT - big thanks to Lewis for this....

UKA Relays:- results
Senior Men - 3rd : Calder Valley - 1st, Pudsey - 2nd.
MVets - 3rd : Borrowdale - 1st, Pennine - 2nd.
LVets - 1st, and 3rd overall.
Senior Ladies - 20th, Ambleside - 1st, Calder Valley - 2nd
An enormous thanks to Clayton for staging the event, there is a huge amount of effort, organisation and hard work involved.
Conditions were benign, cold up tops, but dry, clear and not that windy. In my thinking, this was useful, as some of the teams looked as though wet, cold clag would have been trouble.
Proper reports will need to come from Team Captains, it looked like extremely strong, and thoroughly prepared teams were at the front end, and any medalling position is some big achievement.

2015-10-17--BS3.jpgThis was the memorial plaque to Bill Smith, a fitting tribute - at my CP, last on Leg3, and where you come down off the fell at the end of Tour of Pendle, Ogden Clough. Runners were coming from all directions, and Leg3 seems to have needed plenty of correct route choice.
Scotland next year? Arrochar? But I may well be wrong.
And next year's Relays, perhaps they can, as a New Year's Resolution, get pencilled in as the priority on the new calendar?

Wirksworth Undulator:- results
Round Rotherham:- results.

Boxing Day - should anyone be wanting to run the Chevin Chase, Otley Chevin, best be hurrying up, it is filling up fast...

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